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"In July and she" roadshow   Dongyu Zhou film and television entertainment channel double reputation —, photo September 6th movie "in July and still" national roadshow officially opened, Dongyu Zhou dressed in a pink dress debut in Nanjing, the overall shape of playful and lively. After viewing the scene, fans generally reflect the performance of Dongyu Zhou said she was very out of color, to the role of the interpretation of the original rich peaceful character. In the movie the day in the roadshow, Dongyu Zhou starred in the TV series "sparrow" in the first appearance, its fine level acting by the audience’s affirmation, is a film and television production reputation. Dongyu Zhou’s debut film "Nanjing" in July and she has been acting both online roadshow other Shanghai shooting a new movie Dongyu Zhou, yesterday unveiled in Nanjing, campaigning for his upcoming film "in July and still" propaganda. On the day of the show, Dongyu Zhou was dressed in pink suspenders dress, feet light colored high-heeled shoes, the overall shape of the playful and lively. Not only the activities of the day to get the recognition of the model, she is also very fit in the film’s character in the original character. For Dongyu Zhou, Nanjing is not only the first roadshow, when she is in Nanjing Arts Institute to participate in the examination by director discovered, which opened a career path. After the show, many fans share the viewing experience, said Dongyu Zhou’s performance in the film is the color. Dongyu Zhou grasp of the character is very accurate, the quiet interpretation is in place, and only 21 of the original page, it can be said that Dongyu Zhou is rich in this role. Rookie agent Xu Bicheng praised the line today and acting level starring Dongyu Zhou Spy Drama "sparrow" is hit, the Xu Bicheng is the beginning of an inexperienced rookie agent, prior notice, also once joked as undercover sector "debris flow". In yesterday’s broadcast of the plot, just appeared Dongyu Zhou looks timid and cautious. In order to finish the task, and the Tangshan sea to pretend to be a couple, but always worry about identity will be exposed. Eyes dare not face, fingers can’t touch, Dongyu Zhou put a nervous and uncomfortable interpretation very meticulous, put the cramped feelings deduction is in place. And former lovers met in the coffee shop, she had to lie to the micro expression, but also to show her performance skills, not only delicate but also a special level, won the unanimous praise of the audience. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: