In addition to eating, these reasons also make you fat winfast

In addition to eating, these reasons also make you fat, every three pounds during the festival". After the holiday, many people say they can not resist the temptation of delicacy, imperceptibly fat, dare not inviting "stick autumn fat". In fact, in addition to eating, there are some causes of obesity easily overlooked. Bad mood affect fat metabolism, everyone can not help but have a bad mood, most people think that a bad mood affect appetite, people naturally do not get fat, in fact, otherwise. A bad mood affect fat metabolism organ, liver function, which is not conducive to fat metabolism. The general assembly of the pressure caused by spleen weakness, reduce the body to regulate water and metabolic function, easy to cause edema. When people feel sad and depressed, the body’s stress hormone cortisol levels will increase, thereby affecting the endocrine system. Stubborn personality, love into a dead end, usually have little emotion, frustration is relatively strong. Such a person’s metabolism is poor, often troubled by constipation, spleen is also weak, unknowingly fat in distress. In addition, because the mood is low pressure hormone imbalance, has a great impact on appetite, which may be loss of appetite, may also increase appetite, a lot of people injured by greedy mood to get some compensation, seems to think can fill the stomach to fill the soul. Tip: don’t let negative emotions control your body, relax yourself. Optimistic attitude to face the problem, not happy to meet the need to change the point of view. By eating to vent their dissatisfaction with the habit, according to the interest to find suitable ways to make yourself happy, such as listening to some music, love to do some handicrafts, hit a ball, a small travel go away. Lack of inhibition of leptin secretion with the pace of life accelerated, many urban people, especially young people, due to a variety of factors in the sleep time is virtually deprived. In big cities, people with insomnia have accounted for 1/3 of the outpatient department of neurology. A survey of the National Sleep Foundation, 38% people a week for at least a few days the morning is not clear, 32% people 21% people frequent awakenings, sleep difficulties, 21% people can not sleep to wake up early, there are several insomnia medications accepted 7% people every month. Lack of sleep will make the body’s growth hormone secretion is insufficient, so that people fat. Growth hormone secretion during sleep at night, after 90 minutes of sleep secretion of the most exuberant. Growth hormone can promote bone and muscle growth, accelerate metabolism and body fat burning. Healthy young people are more active cell metabolism, energy consumption is relatively more sleep, which is the source of weight loss can be said to sleep. Lack of sleep will also affect the human body biological clock, break the regular routine and feeding cycles, content will reduce appetite suppression in blood lptin protein, it will also affect the brain of the body needs food if you have enough judgment, people appetites, intake of excess calories imperceptibly in the night. Do not get enough rest, will inhibit the secretion of the brain more satiety leptin, slow down the body’s metabolism, the decomposition rate of fat will slow down, resulting in thigh, buttocks, abdominal fat accumulation. So if you don’t want to be fat, you must be sure that you have enough相关的主题文章: