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In 2020, Gansu will set up a blue white test Intellectual Property Court (court) – Gansu Channel – original title: 2020, Gansu will set up a blue white test Intellectual Property Court (court) original title: 2020, Gansu province will set up a blue white test Intellectual Property Court (court) reporter learned from the provincial science and technology department in September 29th recently, the State Intellectual Property Office agreed to Gansu Province as characteristic of building intellectual Province pilot provinces and the "Gansu Provincial Intellectual Property Province pilot implementation plan", and puts forward the corresponding requirements and support direction. According to the program, to 2020, the blue white test area in the possession of the invention of the patent number of 17.5 per million people, the establishment of the trial area of Intellectual Property Court (court). "Plan" put forward, the first to explore the focus of management to promote the patent, trademark and copyright and comprehensive law enforcement reform in the District of Lanzhou, to achieve "demands disposal integration, change the original patent, trademark, copyright by different departments to deal with complaints and reports of the situation. According to the pilot, and gradually promote the reform of the experimental area in the blue white science and technology innovation, patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property management, "three in one" reform pilot. The program proposed to support Lanzhou, Baiyin, relying on LAN Bai test area platform, the province’s intellectual property rights to create, use, protection and management to play a leading role. By 2020, the blue and white in the test area per million population of invention patent has reached 17.5; cultivate 100 intellectual property advantage enterprises; patent pledge financing loans reached 1 billion yuan; set up a blue white test area of Intellectual Property Court (court); covering the establishment of patent trademark copyright three one intellectual property management agencies the establishment of more than 20; intellectual property services, private service organizations to explore new mechanism; well-known trademarks reached 25, copyright registration reached 50, the computer software copyright registration reached 100. (reporter Wu Yongming) (commissioning editor Tong Wang and Shao Lan)相关的主题文章: