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Arts-and-Entertainment By supporting the .munal harmony and national solidarity, our film industry has all along the played significant part. During the decades, a certain number of films signicatifs with interesting of the nationalist topics were made, and some of these films started from a major impact on the viewers of the ‘ spirits. And also important is the fact that our finer patriotic songs came from such films – the songs which now became a part of our ethos national. Less than one year after we carried out independence, a film entided ‘shaheed ‘ was made by Filmistan Studios. It held the first role Dilip KUMAR and Kamini Kaushal. Today, one remembers mainly this film for his song patriotic, rah Watan of ki hamen the nau watan of ke jawan shaheed Ho.. this song was written by Rajah Mehdi Ali Khan, together in music by Ghulam Haider, and was sung by Mohamed Rafi, Khan Mastana and chorus. It is still played by AIR of the important national days. In 1954, a film of the children entitled ‘jagriti ‘ was produced by the same banner. Perhaps no other film appreciates the distinction to have so much several of its patriotic numbers so popular. Wise popularity, these songs are: Di of ‘Of hamen the bina of khadag of bina of azadi dhaal, the diya kar kamaal. of of you sant of ke of sabarmati.. ‘, of ‘Hum of bush hammer of hain ke nikaal of kishti of of ventilator too, is bachcho ke. sambhaal of rakhna of KB of desh only. the and the bachcho of ‘Aao tumhen dikhayen the ki of Hindustan of jhaki, is the hai ki. balidaan of dharti of yeh of karo of tilak of of mitti.. ‘ all these songs were written by Pradeep and were granted by Hemant KUMAR. Raj Kapoor was known to make the romantic films in which there was little place to adjust patriotic songs. But in a less known film produced by him and directed by Amar KUMAR, carries Nahin de Dilli of ‘Ab’ (1957), there were charming patriotic songs written by Shailendra and together with the music by Daftaram. The song was, hai of apna of will hamara of Shaman of ”Yeh, is… of hai of raaj of apna of EP of desh It was a song singing merrily sung by Asha Bhonsle and chorus. Very few people remember film today, but the song is always .pletely popular. In 1957 B.R Chopra made the ‘Naya Daur ‘ Dilip KUMAR and Vyjayanthimala to hold the first role. There was patriotic song in this film which became a fury with the active masses of cinematography. And the song was hai of desh of ‘Yeh transfer ka mastano of ka of albelon of ka of jawano, is… of kahna of kya of yaro of ka of desh ‘ It was placed in music by O P. Nayyar. Naushad director of music and author Shakeel Badayun of song collaborated to give us three excellent patriotic songs in the 60s. These songs equal are heard today. One of them was ‘Ganga Janma of film’ -. chal of EP of ki of ‘Insaaf of the dikhao dagar ke. of bachcho. It was sung by Hemant KUMAR in its rich baritone. The second patriotic song, meant for children, is film ‘Its of India ‘ – hoon of rahi of munna of Nanha. sipahi hoon. of ka of desh. . It was sung by Shanti Mathur. The third patriotic song is ‘Leader of film ‘ – the sakte nahin. of mita of hargiz of fredonnement of KB of azadi of Apni.. it was sung by Mohamed Rafi and chorus. Bimal Roy made a film authorized ‘Kabuliwala’ inside. 1961. In this film there was a beautiful patriotic song sung by Manna Dey in his in.parably mlodieuse voice. By depicting a nostalgic love of the man for the his/her motherland when it is in a certain foreign country, this song is unsurpassable. And this song was, alone pyare of Ai watan, only Shaman of bichhre of AI, the EP kurbaan. diluted tuj.. ‘ this song was parked by the lyric author Prem Dhawan, together in music by Salil Choudhry. Chetan Anand made (Haqeeqat ‘ inside. 1964. It was a film which A depicts our confrontation not successful with the Chinese inside. 1962. The film has some patriotic songs moving. But that which is pointed out that today equal is, sathiyo Kar fidda jano-bronzing of fredonnement of chale, hawale sathiyo. watan of tumhare of ab.. ‘ this ditty moving was parked by Kaift Aazmi and together with an air of obsession by Madan Mohan. In 1965 a film with the ‘sikandar-e-Azam came from title’. a song of this film became so popular that it on several occasions is played today equal where us cdebrate our day of independence or Republic. And the song is, will base chidiyan by daal daal ‘Jahan of hain of karti, the hai will mera. of desh of OE Bharat.. ‘ this song was .posed by director Hansraj Behl of music. The films of Manoj KUMAR have a marked patriotic bending. In its film ‘Upkaar ‘ (1967), there was a patriotic song of wellknown, ugle of sona of dharti of ki of desh of Mere, the ugle here moti… , which really reflected the bleached image of India like ‘sone Ki Chidiya ‘. Surprisingly, the patriotic song most popular which was written by a lyric author of film, was granted by a director of music of film, and was behind sung by a singer of play really appeared in any film. It is in fact made up for a special occasion and was sung by Lata Mangeshkar in front of an assistance of the thousands of people. The first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru d’ India , who was present on the stage at this occasion, was so much deeply moved by its interpretation in the voice pathetic-filled of Lata Mangeshkar which tears spouted out upwards in its eyes. The song, only logo watan of ke of Ai, paani bhar of WC of mein of annkh of will zara, unki of hain of tonality of shahid of OJ. . . this song was written by Pradeep and together with the music by C Ramchandra. In current films, we seldom find songs patriotic. It is because the majority of films being made nowadays have hardly anything to make with patriotism. If time with other a patriotic film .es length and we hear a patriotic song in it, it, rather curiously, is forgotten soon. Why is it thus? Is because patriotism now an out-of-date virtue? Or, the world moving now regularly towards its goal liked to make our pla. is a generalized village and thus the national borders they slowly lose their statute of sacrosanct? Perhaps it is true to a certain extent, but perhaps the principal reason is that we do not produce any more the songs of obsession which have in them the potential to live in our collective memory during decades together. The obsession of our director of music with stolen Western airs resounded the knell of died of our ragas traditional rich person on whom in the past the majority of the film songs were based. We can naturally still produce songs as the kishti toofan of of hain of bush hammer of ”Hum the ke that nikaal is ke sambhal… ”or… chidiyan daalpar ‘Jahan of will only base hain of karti ‘ of bachcho of rakhna of KB of desh so only our directors of music turned to our own rich heritage of the classical music instead of imitating borroiwed stupidly Western airs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: