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I have the position I am proud of daily embarrassed Tucao: bring peace wave [Sina game series, please indicate the source] destroyed three concept breaking limit no stem gathered, working day update, introduced the new thing on earth, and bring the most incisive. And best funny figure tucao! The most fresh pose as in the "Daily" embarrassed tucao! The seventy-sixth attempt to regain the shade of failure…… Smart phones should develop an automatic power off function, or you can also rely on APP to achieve the "clear" button, 10 seconds immediately show insufficient power, automatic shutdown. Is mainly used to eat with friends when the checkout: do not grab, I come, I take the phone to pay, sweep me this! Sweep…… Ah? I’m going, oh, no power off! Oh, forget it, next time I come……" I want to make this APP profit model. Not to sell ads or pay to download. Is a year after the operation, the use of the function of the top 100000 people to send information, so that one of them to pay $200, or to the general public to publish their list. Note that man on the edge of the front curtain — for the first time to see someone in the face of COS bar code at noon to eat halal restaurants, green sign language, service personnel with a scarf, the tapestry of allah. Open the menu first sentence: the customer is god…… Poland fans on the pitch throwing fireworks, like a magic war — three years of studying food chicken will only throw the ball lighting when looking at Chinese small alone, always wonder why China cartoon is singing Japanese songs. I asked you a big man not long Adam’s apple, I was laughing, I have no neck to Adam’s apple. Guys, come on, you have to sell your shoes, come on, do it! In order to prevent the daughter-in-law in double eleven sheep, I put the home net off. In order to prevent the use of traffic, I took out last year to buy a mobile phone signal jammers eleven. How to carry the baby back quickly — the woman seemed to see the aliens to call her boyfriend and asked him why, he replied in watching TV, I said: "fool, you should say to me." Then he replied, "why should I lie to you?……" Heaven is just like this — the quilt for a long time, the cat I remember when the kindergarten class play house, the whole classroom neatly divided into many regions, there can be an injection of the hospital, have a meal in a restaurant, the harmonious atmosphere was awfully. I, as a police station at the crossroads, picked up the paper folding submachine gun, chug tude at all, they are scared to fine sister call, now think of it is really fun. Last night I was in the autumn mountains lost to a tractor, he used inertial drift cornering – tractor driver out of the enclosed area = shadow area since last week found an even bigger than my girl is almost the best time to all the people in the classroom do yoga class, I know that the only movement let you become a soft fat. Our customers bring peace — seven.相关的主题文章: