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Hubei hand Taiwan to create a win-win new measures 30 – Beijing Wuhan Taiwan week, Taiwan Miaoli county and Wuhan Baibuting community exchange folks. Speaking of pictures of Taiwan Island close exchanges and cooperation of the provinces, the first reaction of many people, not with the Taiwan customs homonym with Fujian, Taiwan is gathered in Jiangsu. In fact, the central mainland of Hubei, also has a lot of origin and contact with Taiwan, and look forward to more exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan. The day before, was held in Hubei Wuhan thirteenth Hubei? Wuhan Taiwan week, is to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the two places and open, and has made a lot of solid and satisfactory results. Resource is a great advantage of this week by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office of the Hubei provincial government and the Wuhan municipal government to "create, win, share" as the theme of the. In addition to the main meeting site activities in Wuhan, also in Yichang, Xiangyang, Xiantao, Huanggang, Shennongjia forest region and other places to set up the venue, big momentum, achievements. Taiwan this week signed various contracts and agreements of 45, involving aviation, electronics, machinery, trade, logistics, biotechnology, food processing, ecological agriculture and other industries and fields, a total investment of 25 billion 600 million yuan, 18 projects signed at the meeting. Why Taiwanese fancy Hubei? In addition to Hubei "Kyushu thoroughfare" "land of plenty" traditional strengths, more important is it ushered in the multiple opportunities in recent years. China inland FTA, The Belt and Road ", the Yangtze River economic belt, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River City Group Construction of national strategy, let Hubei have more favorable conditions for investment and development. But now, have introduced a number of new policy toward Taiwan pilot in Hubei, Taiwan, including the approval of the pilot open Taiwan residents to apply for the establishment of individual industrial and commercial households, provide more convenience for taiwan. As of the first half of 2016, Hubei Province registered a total of 2583 Taiwan funded enterprises, with a total investment of $18 billion 960 million, the top more than and 60 enterprises in Taiwan to invest in Hubei. Operation of the auto parts of Taiwan more than the Taiwan Rai Hon fellow introduction, in June this year, first came to Xiantao, and new business opportunities found here. "I am more than and 60 years old, choose Xiantao means to a lifetime of credit in here, believe in Hubei will be able to achieve our dreams!" Exchange is the biggest bright spot in the Hubei and Taiwan exchanges, more popular than economic and trade, cultural exchanges and grassroots is. KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan’s ancestral home in Hubei, he has nine generations living in the. Lien Chan himself repeatedly to Hubei worship. Hubei Yichang held "Guan Gong, Yichang, the holy land of poetry on both sides of the Strait of Guan Gong worship ceremony" in the annual cycle between the two sides of Taiwan, mu of Chinese traditional culture. About 14 thousand and 400 Hubei girl married to Taiwan, Hubei Province, to become the bride, Taiwan this year during the week, some of them lucky to be back home networking, sharing life experiences in Taiwan. Of course, the biggest highlight of this week in Taiwan, or exchanges between the two sides of the youth. At present, there are more than 3 thousand people living in Hubei, Taiwan, Hubei, where nearly all of the students studying in Taiwan, and graduated from Taiwan in the employment of students in the. For the service of these people’s employment, entrepreneurship.相关的主题文章: