How To Know When To Start Potty

UnCategorized There are a multitude of factors that any parent must weigh when potty training their child. There is no doubt that age is among the most important of all things to consider. The majority of parents begin seeking potty training tips and advice when their child begins the final march toward their second birthday. It is only then that books are opened, questions are asked, and a ton of potty training tips and tricks are tabulated. Little advice appears to agree and it seems as though everyone says something slightly different. This disparity, of course, leaves the majority of parents wondering – what is the best time to start toilet training. This question is so difficult, at least in part, because the proper potty training age cannot be found by plugging in a specific formula. Asking about the most appropriate age to start potty training is perfectly legitimate, but the answers will always be as varied as the people responding. Depending on who you ask, the optimum age to begin potty training age is said to be from anywhere as young as six months to approaching three years of age. That is quite a chasm to cross. Obviously, the best age is arrived at by placing less weight on calendar months, with a greater degree of emphasis on the emotional readiness of the child as well as their mental acuity. Before a parent can expect to move their toddler to toilet training triumph, that child must not only have a bladder that is capable of carrying out the responsibilities of potty training, they must also have a mindset that is willing to go all the way. Once your child is able to stay dry for long stretches of time with consistency and you are confident that they understand what is being asked of them, then chances are excellent you have arrived at a good time to start the potty training process with confidence. The most important thing to remember at this juncture is that potty training is a process, not an event. It is a balance that takes place between you and your child, where you must both be able to filter out much of the world around you. Like most things worth truly doing, toilet training will most surely not be .pleted in just a single day. It is best to enter the potty training process with reasonable expectations held firmly in check. Do not imagine that just because your child has reached their optimum age for potty training, things will be as simple as cake. Life is rarely that forgiving. All across the Inter. there lie claims of easy 3 day potty training, but it is far rarer to find these promises successfully unfold. Unreasonable expectations will invariably lead to impatience and impatience often leads to discouragement. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it, and know that potty training is not terribly likely to happen overnight. Armed with this knowledge and the proper mindset, potty training can be an enriching experience for the entire family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: