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How do the wood wardrobe cracking weapon? ?? The first wind, dry climate, so many people will feel uncomfortable. Facing the autumn dryness troubles of solid wood wardrobe, after a hot and humid summer, summer and alternating seasons, wood body up cracking coefficient, the moisture content will change dramatically causing wood, once the cracks will not only affect the appearance, if not timely remedy also can affect the service life of the wardrobe. ? bedroom solid wood wardrobe solutions? Step 1: prepare some old newspapers, with scissors cut into fragments. ?? Step two: adding alum in the wastepaper, stir well. ?? Step three: the mixture of confetti and alum into the container prepared, adding a small amount of water, stir again. ?? Step four: above the container in a slow, mushy. The process of cooking to be constantly stirring. Step five: the cooked paste mixture into the cracks in the solid wood wardrobe, let it dry naturally. Step six: use a pen or a special wardrobe to repair the pen to fill the area with color to match the color of the wardrobe. The method described above is very simple and convenient, and the material is also very common. A friend in need can according to the above steps step by step to repair cracked solid wood wardrobe!?? In addition, the weather gradually cooling, solid wood wardrobe can reduce the cracking probability of the following questions:?? 1, careful handling, away from heat?? wood wardrobe handling should pay attention to light, steady and flat. In the process of handling to avoid damage, placed to be stable, when placed in the case of the situation is not stable, it is necessary to add some cardboard or thin pieces of wood to make it smooth. Solid wood wardrobe should also stay away from heat. Solid wood wardrobe paint to avoid direct sunlight, because of the strong ultraviolet radiation to make paint fade, affect the appearance. Heating, kerosene lamps and other heating equipment too close to the wardrobe deformation. Kettle, stove and other objects placed on the wood wardrobe will make it burn". If placed in the solid wood dining table of the hot metal utensils, attention must be added a thermal insulation pad, etc.. ?? The 2 commonly used oil wax polish?? wood wardrobe daily wipe also pay attention to, to wipe with soft cloth, cotton cloth can be micro wave, but not wet, to squeeze water, and to follow the wood texture to avoid wipe, wipe with alcohol and other chemical solvents or cleaning agents in order to avoid corrosion of the wardrobe, paint, paint cracking caused by. In order to avoid the use of a period of time, will appear dull and faded wardrobe and other phenomena, can be regularly waxing and corresponding processing on the wardrobe.相关的主题文章: