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How do Kunming preschool tuition more than 30 empty (Figure) – Beijing golden baby locked the door, the house is a mess intern reporter Zhang Haozhe September 13th location: Dianchi Bookstore closed for 1 weeks, Dianchi bookstore in the golden baby deserted, many parents do not use the card after the early education. Preschool teachers have also confused, their wages in August, has not arrived. Center the "landlord" of Kunming Xinhua Bookstore chain Co., said the center of training schools and their existing lease disputes. The East Bridge police station has received nearly 30 parents reflect the case, involving an amount of 30 yuan. Parents: there are nearly 300 copies / card unused 5:30 yesterday afternoon, golden baby glass doors closed, the house is a mess. Two or three property personnel in front of the door, and came to find out what the parents have left. Ms. Wang is the parents learned that WeChat group "center closed the news business". But many parents do early card Guessing "boss Juankuan run away". Ms. Wang’s early education card, there are nearly 20 day course has not yet finished (13000 yuan can do 70 early childhood education class card). Ms. Wang said, started in good condition, but the 2 day, Dianchi Center Bookstore blackout, the teacher notices in the group, to be temporarily closed, no resume. A stop is more than a week, while Ms. Wang also called early childhood teacher, help about class, the teacher still reply "closed". Some parents feel right, yesterday morning rush to the center, found it empty. Ms. Wang said, WeChat group, preliminary statistics there are nearly 300 piece / card unused. The vice president said: parents reporting center will be the relocation of golden baby teacher is confused about it. One in this office for 7 years of early childhood teacher said, WeChat has not contact her through the center of investors, originally on 10 monthly wages have not received. The teacher said that the training school and the housing ownership contract dispute, the need for a little business. If this side is closed, the children can be transferred to other class center. But on their 6 early childhood teachers, they may be unemployed. The parents reported the vice president said that the center will be re select the location placement plan in the South Park style or around the ancient town of Guandu. Some parents in these two places to find, found in the ancient town of Guandu near a paved road to hang a "golden baby" billboard, but no one was there, ask the security personnel after that, the center has been renovated, but there is no official business. Lessor: through judicial means to resolve the 5 pm yesterday, in the empty golden baby, a Kunming Xinhua Bookstore chain Limited property staff revealed that the golden baby of Kunming Xishan Chen Tao training school, a large area of nearly 2000m2, "development center has owed millions of rent". He said: "for a power outage, do not pay rent相关的主题文章: