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Hongzhong Secretary to play the "advertising" of Jinghai jujube how sweet? In September 16th, party secretary Li Hongzhong in the town of Jinghai Jinghai District High Village research, see its growth in Chinese jujube linta, he picked a taste of jujube. He said: "Jinghai jujube is very sweet, I want to play" ads for it. "." Jinghai jujube how sweet? In September, it is its harvest season, the refreshing autumn, the reporter went to the small village to find out high. More than and 500 acres of land, 30 thousand jujube trees, fragrant breeze, jujube…… Yesterday, the reporters came to the small town of Jinghai District of Jinghai Gao Zhuang village, the villagers in jujube Lin work, smell the fragrance of the soil, the air is sweet, the villagers bartack, jujube, packing, although work hard, but happy to hang on the face. Sun uncle took the pole bartack, wife to the plastic bucket collection dates. Speaking of "Gao Zhuang jujube", the villagers Sun Lixing uncle familiar, I this variety is its deposited, practice has proved that for so many years, although the field is also a kind of this variety, but not to our taste good, in the village of sand land, is the ancestors left, is our wealth. The village Party Secretary Liu Zhenjie said that its Gao Zhuang has 30 years of cultivation history, has become the village "name card", its harvest season on a total of 20 days, usually in September 10th each year to the end of the month, and picked from the tree, the most fresh for 7 days, so only "eat fresh". Gao Zhuang is its travel extensively, most north to go to Heilongjiang, the South sold to Shanghai, foreigners can also enjoy this sweet crisp. Walk in jujube forest, the villagers work sound can be heard without end. Villagers enthusiastically invited reporters to taste, began to play after the prohibition of pesticides, green pollution-free, pick down directly to eat". Reporters pick a carefully taste, do not eat the same: taste fresh, jujube skin thin, sweet and not greasy…… Gaozhuang jujube can not be dried, not only seasonal cold storage, early adopters, and a year of 20 days can eat less, feel more precious. In the village a few women sitting on the ground, put off the date fell on the plastic cloth, excluding the rotten fruit, leaves, weeds, and the clean jujube packing. The share of happiness is the language used to describe, if you only want to come forward to help personally on the scene. 57 year old villager Yang Yuying put up its box, move the tricycle to jujube forest outside, came to the fields, wholesalers purchase, three or four large trucks parked on the road side, bargaining, weighing, money, "harvest" in his pocket. The village Party Secretary Liu Zhenjie said, our village every year sell date income of nearly 3 million, there are more than and 400 people in the village, on average each of the villagers sell date income 8 thousand yuan, has become an important source of income of the villagers how to make jujube to the villagers to bring a better life, this is also the direction of the force together. Looking at the busy village, Liu Zhenjie said, good jujube is also afraid of deep alley, later to make "Gao Zhuang jujube" signs more bright, the next step is to change the old thinking, with the help of cooperatives, clenched fist attack, improved varieties, good brand, agricultural super docking, to embrace electricity supplier, but also the development of agricultural facilities, visit pick, then.相关的主题文章: