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"Home in Chengdu" project first "foreigners home" inaugurated – Beijing launch site. Anyuan photo Beijing, Chengdu, November 15 (Anyuan Gong Jingyun) 15, foreign nationals "home in Chengdu" project, Chengdu city in Wuhou District Tongzi Lin overseas service center and public security immigration service station "foreigners home" launching ceremony held in Chengdu of Wuhou District. The project is an important measure for Chengdu to expand foreign exchanges, promote the process of internationalization, and speed up the construction of National Central cities. It is understood that the foreigners "home in Chengdu" construction project by the Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wuhou District Commission for the host, is one of the main objectives and tasks of the 2016 "government work report" to determine the. In recent years, with the further development of the construction of Chengdu city internationalization accelerating reform and opening up, more and more foreigners to Chengdu tourism, investment, employment, study, life, gradually showing a typical "high-end residential, most overseas workers most concentrated" international community development trend in Wuhou District Tongzi forest community. In order to adapt to the development of the situation, strengthen the government administration and the protection of public services, to enhance the international level of public service, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau and Wuhou District district government in accordance with the municipal government expatriates "home in Chengdu" project, and actively explore foreign people and society into the "government leadership, department coordination, social participation" foreigners service the new management mechanism, based on the train station street comprehensive management center and Tongzi Forest Public Security immigration service station, to further expand the function, extension services, built Wuhou District Tongzi forest overseas service center and public security immigration service station "foreigners home". Here, foreigners can enjoy "homes" for foreign personnel registration and visa for replacement and visa expiration reminder and a series of public security exit, traffic convenience service management; comprehensive query and understand the government departments of the latest foreign service information and policies and regulations; zero distance contact Chinese culture, feel the local customs and practices, enhance on Chengdu’s identity and sense of belonging; participate in community activities and services, to accept Chinese or other skills training, enrich the cultural life in Chengdu; also can be added to the international community comprehensive management service management "six" construction, to explore new mode of "outside the tube", enhance the sense of ownership of foreigners. Wuhou District Tongzi Lin overseas service center and public security immigration service station "foreigners home", will enhance the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service soft power, enhance the city’s inclusiveness and attraction, become Chengdu cultural, economic and technological exchanges a beautiful scenery line, foreigners realize "harmonious home Chinese dream" in Chengdu. (end)相关的主题文章: