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Hefei county is the location of future innovation is an important strategic position "concept, to change the location to ascend, to have emboldened himself as a" city "to create" and "the next 3-5 years, Hefei rural infrastructure to the level of" Nanjing Hangzhou line "" "have a good mental outlook of Hefei cadres have a" brand ""…… Following the September 26th eleventh Hefei city in China Communist Party Congress first delegation (Feidong county), fifth delegations (Chaohu City, the nest through the open area) after group discussion, Wu Cunrong once again to the members of the time left to the Hefei "". The morning of September 27th, Wu Cunrong entered the second delegation (Feixi county), fourth delegations (Lujiang county) and third delegation (Changfeng County), share ideas, and report to the Congress in a "finalized" future development goals and representatives. Feixi County: at a higher level to understand the responsibility of Feixi, Feixi county development plan, we must focus on the future, not just look at the eyes." Wu Cunrong said that Feixi should take the five development concept as the lead, to the Yangtze River Delta world-class city group sub center as a benchmark, at a higher level to recognize their own responsibilities. For example, the development of characteristic agriculture, rural tourism in Feixi there is a lot of room for improvement; Feixi rural population, the problem of increasing farmers’ income." Wu Cunrong said. The past few years, Feixi County Sanhe successfully created the 5A level scenic spots, in the flood of "Sanhe battle" in the outstanding performance…… Many of the "typical case" impressed Wu Cunrong, "Feixi’s way of looking for hope, continue to maintain concentration, to achieve better and faster development." Changfeng County, exert their own advantages to show the unique charm of Hefei city now, "Wuhu renju" has become a "landmark", called the ecological construction model of the Changfeng county. "Why many investors have recently came to the north? This is mainly because they saw the north city development space in the future." Wu Cunrong said, according to the Hefei city "1331 city spatial development strategy planning", Changfeng county is part of "the city", the future is more unashamedly in accordance with the "urban area" construction in high docking and fusion development to show the unique charm, to achieve better development of higher quality level. Lujiang: the most qualified to become the back garden of Hefei, five years, Lujiang’s urban and rural areas and the spirit of the cadres and the masses, have undergone great changes." Wu Cunrong said that he often went to Lujiang, witnessed the confidence of the people of Lujiang, sense of belonging, happiness are constantly enhanced. In the report, make clear the new orientation of Lujiang — Speeding up the construction of sub center, a new model of ecological livable, urban and rural areas. From the point of view of congenital conditions, the most favorable condition for Lujiang to become the back garden of Hefei." Wu Cunrong said, this requires Lujiang to dig deep tourism resources, make urban agriculture "homework", to enhance the level of infrastructure construction. The beautiful countryside with "urban agriculture" temperament, pointed out that farmers live more happily in the Congress report, in the past five years, Hefei county’s GDP accounted for the proportion of the city increased to 32)相关的主题文章: