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Pellegrini will lift the offensive football storm he will move more [in] star information or the Chinese happy to announce Li Tie school, Pellegrini took over as head coach of Tencent sports news August 27th Beijing time this morning, the new coach of Super League team Hebei Huaxia happiness formally appointed marshal Pellegrini for the team in chile. To be sure, the arrival of Pellegrini, China will certainly make the game more open style of happiness, the team’s attack will become more sharp. Pellegrini, a player who was a high centre back, played for the University of Chile team more than 450 times and played for the Chilean National team for the next 28 international games. But after becoming a occupation coach, Pellegrini did not play back because experience and become conservative football defender, from Villarreal to Real Madrid (data), from Malaga to Manchester City (data), the Chilean engineer is always attacking football spokesmen. Pellegrini’s arrival in December 2013 is expected to enhance the international influence of the Chinese happy, Pellegrini has won the Premier League monthly best coaches title, when he led the city in 20 consecutive games unbeaten, and achieved 18 victories. Under Pellegrini tune, the city seems to be able to break any team in the city, the team cut with dazzling, very accurate in ball and the ball with the exquisite design, so that all competitors are difficult to overwhelming. Pointing to the British "Daily Telegraph" commentator Paul Haiwaerde will sharply, Manchester Pellegrini’s team, always can "beautiful geometric transfer" and "rival to death". In fact, Pellegrini really can reflect the teaching level, is not the season he coached Real Madrid, Manchester City, but the Chilean engineer will be brought into the magical experience of Villarreal in the Champions League semi-finals, Malaga will be brought into the quarter finals of the Champions league. Whether the Villarreal or Malaga, Pellegrini’s team always pay attention to the overall defense, attention to the ground passing, his team not only play a dazzling, and always with strong integrity and discipline. The concern is that Pellegrini can always will play under the player’s personal ability to the extreme, under him, Juan Riquelme, Diego and Fran are playing the highest level of occupation career, he also once let the Spanish veteran Hua Jin Huan issued second spring in Malaga, and developed a easco such "European golden boy award winner. More importantly, even aside coaching ability don’t talk (in fact it also need later led the result to test), compared with the Chinese happy former coach Li Tie Pellegrini, at least to improve the reputation from the new army super international influence. In recent years, the super team in the international market for those high level sweep away the millions of enemy troops, the star, they are obviously more willing to play in this international under the command of Marshal Pellegrini. Therefore, the arrival of Pellegrini, will be able to enhance the Chinese happiness for international football star’s influence, will increase the possibility of high level players to join the team. (Robbie)相关的主题文章: