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He was jailed for bribery because there is a "greedy wife" – the Sohu news in September 23rd, Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department official website "sunshine discipline network released Hunan Xintian former county Party Secretary Gong Xinzhi’s confessions. Gong Xinzhi served as director of the Yongzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission of Hunan province party secretary in June 24, 2015, Gong Xinzhi alleged serious violation by the Hunan province Yongzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation, in November 4, 2015, was arrested on suspicion of bribery crime. Confessions, Gong Xinzhi said his wife because he was away, "affairs" to comfort in spirit, to find satisfaction from the material, from the gifts received red envelopes to accepting huge bribes." When the husband wife bribery, from the "wife" has become a "greedy wife". Obama solution Bureau reporter combing media reports found that corruption couples such "file" is not uncommon. In this regard, experts said, "tradition" construction has undoubtedly become the compulsory course of leading cadres of the party, is a barrier to the honest official, but also to avoid and his family is an important magic weapon for hunting. The former party secretary of the confession: I kissed pushed her on the road of bribery confessions, Gong Xinzhi said they all around money, boss, women. Gong Xinzhi said: "all the money in the thought, thoroughly exposed the nature of my greed. The money is like a gift, accept bank card is like a name card, collect property card is like a greeting card, to the point of petrified." "No matter what the boss needs not plausible reasonable is not reasonable, legal and illegal, I have not mistakenly received will meet. Received the boss’s money, became the boss, everything around the boss turn." "I love, lust sex is an open secret. In Xintian, there were more than and 10 women who had an illicit relationship with most of the women at the same time as 4 women." Gong Xinzhi regrets, "I perennial about no emotional warmth to his wife, she knew I was having an affair, but in order to take into account my future, the spirit of long-term restraining myself, the tears flow goes, I hate, I’m afraid, not to comfort in spirit, to find satisfaction from the material, from the gifts received red envelopes to accepting huge bribes. I was emotionally forced her into this greedy road of no return. I will not stop for her bribes, but took the attitude of acquiescence, indulge her behavior, make her more and more daring, bribery more and more, to get out of hand it. My daughter’s education is too wide, management is not strict, causing her to accept other people’s money, my father is not a woman. "And what officials have taken bribes? Yongzhou former deputy director of the NPC’s wife received 500 thousand yuan thank fees according to the "Xiaoxiang Morning News" reported that served during the Yongzhou city of Hunan Province, Yongzhou City, Shuangpai County Party Secretary Lengshuitan district Party committee secretary and vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Yongzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Deng Rongqing taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the project construction, land development, personnel arrangement, has alone or together with his wife Tang Hongmei et al property received a total of 6 million 590 thousand yuan (including 1 million 250 thousand yuan for a (attempted), the weight of 187 grams,.相关的主题文章: