He Jie, wake up to join hands with the public to stay behind children (video) tianbi

He Jie, wake up to join public visiting the left-behind children He Jie "is not clearly Angel" Tencent entertainment news on September 27th, by the Central People’s Broadcasting Station MusicRadio sound of music and China children’s foundation co sponsored, reflecting the guest live jointly launched "2016MusicRadio I go to school 1200 student action reflected off live love visits held in Qinghai of Xunhua county. This visit aims to love the sound of music, national media influence gathered from the community of caring, deep poverty areas hope primary school, let more people understand the real life situation of children left behind, calling on the whole society to give more care to them. MusicRadio music DJ Sun Yang and He Jie, and the music program director to the Central People’s radio music program center Zhang Yingying, Ying Ke live vice president Wang Hao to wait for a love to visit team into the common primary school Salar Autonomous County Rural Water Meng Da Qinghai Xunhua, visiting the poor left-behind children living and learning, physical force behavior of impoverished left-behind children to send warmth and love, let them see hope to see the love. Warm welcome ceremony to open student urgent action on the morning of September 27th, Meng Da ushered in a primary school by the Central People’s radio music program music center program director Zhang Yingying, CO sponsored party vice president Wang Hao, Ying Ke live, love and compassion ambassador He Jie to Knight composed of love team. Simple and simple welcome ceremony hosted by the sound of music DJ Sun Yang. Meng Da Elementary School President Ma on behalf of the whole school teachers and students on the 2016MusicRadio I want to go to school to reflect the audience live 1200 student action, the arrival of a warm welcome to the visiting team. The Central People’s Broadcasting Station music program director of Music Center Zhang Yingying introduced the relevant content of "I want to go to school" activities, thank the community support for the campaign, calling for more caring people to join the "I want to go to school" public service team. Subsequently, the activities of the ambassador of love He Jie, wake up and sincerely said to do their best to help more poor left behind children, give them more warmth and love. This year, I want to go to school, there is a special team – love knight. Since September 1st, I want to go to school since the start of the event, there are five groups of love Knights starting from Beijing, go to the activities of the designated funding of the five provinces. Up to now, there are Shandong, Hunan, two teams completed the goal of love riding. In the "I want to go to school" Qinghai love visit the day, ushered in the third Qinghai riding team arrived at the destination. Meng Da primary school teachers and students and love to explore the joint team to witness their love to complete this feat! In order to let more people can feel 2016 "I want to go to school" activities of the content, the sound of music broadcast platform this public service brand activities and very popular — reflecting off of cross-border cooperation for the first time live. In love visits on the same day, Ying Ke live vice president Mr Wang Hao also went to Meng Da primary school, and on behalf of the primary school funding reflected off live as "the sound of music" primary school ", the site also held the opening ceremony. The voice of the Central People’s broadcasting station as well as the love knight.相关的主题文章: