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He averaged data against team but not hurt is to take the helper sina sports Anthony Davies this season is really an unlucky year — precisely over the past few years he almost didn’t go smoothly. From the beginning to enter the NBA, "eyebrows brother" in the Hornets have been struggling, even if it is later renamed the pelican, his luck is not very good, not only their own often injured teammates will always be rather baffling, even injured. At first Davies outside partner is the main chip clippers: Eric Gordon – Paul trading. Gordon after the Hornets, a very good start, then gradually being injured, no longer fly or, but as a striker, striker and even less stable kind. Now to the Rockets, but there are signs of resurrection. After the pelican to Zhu Horadi and Tyreke Evans. The former is the 76 all star after the latter is the trumpet James, rookie of the year. Did not think the holiday has been put in this season, because his wife is very ill and had to leave; Evans is good, have minor injuries, stop playing, this season did not play a game. This gave the pelican in summer signing Lance Stevenson a chance to host. He is a ball player in the Pacers period, now in the pelican is mastered outside the ball, played youmoyouyang. I never thought that when Stevenson wanted to consolidate his starting position, he had a groin strain and needed surgery. Davies was in tears, rare to a helper, but now in the point of fight a lone battle. The last playoff experience has been more than a year later, the pelican team with good performance, Davies is likely to require transactions even! (2.)相关的主题文章: