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Hangzhou mobile phone control men often finger pain or suffering from tenosynovitis due to playing snake (Figure) Hangzhou mobile phone control often finger pain or because playing snake play "lit" recently, a man named "snake big battle" mobile phone games quickly fire up. Circle of friends often someone out of the game score, with their friends to compete. However, there are people playing games are playing out a tenosynovitis. The doctor pointed out that in the game, frequent stretch bend thumb tendon, tendon sheath will make local inflammation. The snake is fire, lit the nearest WeChat thumb circle of friends, many people are "snake fighting game scraper, this familiar game after attracting a large number of fans. The rules of the game are very familiar to everyone, snake eat a bite will be able to get some points, and the body will be more and more long, can not touch the wall and hit other players, but can not bite his tail. Players need to use fingers to manipulate, click on the touch screen, the snake will crawl the direction of change, the rules of the game is to control the direction of the snake up and down. Most mobile gamers use the thumb to click on the screen when they play the game. For a long time, the thumb movement, so that the muscles of the thumb is always in a state of high tension. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the clues provided by Mr. hu. He told reporters, just started to play this game, the fingers and no discomfort, but playing for a long time, the thumb of the left hand is always intermittent pain, but also can not make up. Until a few days ago, the thumb pain really can not stand, went to the hospital for an examination. The inspection results made him really nervous one, his thumb suffered early tenosynovitis. Play the game of tendon overuse, prone to cause tenosynovitis yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the hospital because of playing mobile phone games explore outpatient cases induced tenosynovitis. Hangzhou Xiasha street community health center doctor Tang Weihua said, although the specific case information of the outpatient department has not received the "snake war" of the disease, "but because playing games get tenosynovitis case was a lot of outpatient number a lot." Tang Weihua said that in recent years, in the outpatient records, because playing games cause tenosynovitis case showed increasing trend, "playing the game due to tenosynovitis of the majority, age from the middle-aged people, gradually changing to groups of young people." Doctors, finger activities involving tendon tension, finger game activity frequency fast, long time repeated movement, or excessive force, will cause a hamstring strain, the slightest mistake will lead to inflammation of the tendons, tendon pain swelling, long past, will suffer from tenosynovitis. Expert advice, how to prevent and treat tenosynovitis "in the structure of the human body, the same as the tendon sheath, the tendon wrapped up, the protection and lubrication effect of tendon." Tang Weihua introduced, in addition to the crowd outside the game easy to get tenosynovitis of keyboard, office workers, a large number of year-round housework crowd, manual workers, due to the nature of the work, the finger muscles and tendons in the stretched state, if not pay attention to rest, may be suffering from tenosynovitis." How to prevent tenosynovitis.相关的主题文章: