Guangzhou, Panyu intends to promote the new entrance into the rental housing to brush identity cards

Guangzhou, Panyu intends to promote the region’s new entrance into the rental housing to brush Id original title: Panyu brush brush to promote the region to enter the rental housing"! In November 2nd, Panyu District City Bridge Street pioneer community forward 8 Lane Street No. 7, a Guangzhou workers light brush card, rental door crashed open. At the same time, the name of the spike personnel information has been uploaded to the public security system in real time database. I learned from Panyu District, after the pilot pilot communities and other places, such an intelligent access control system is the region’s 31 thousand rental housing gradually spread out. Entry difficult, difficult to collect information, management difficulties, which is a common problem encountered in Guangzhou District rental management. In order to further improve the technology level of rental housing, rental housing in Panyu District Bureau of Guangzhou to promote the intelligent access control system construction in the pioneer community pilot. November 2nd, the reporter in the vanguard of the City Bridge Street vanguard street 8 Lane rental room to see, an electronic display constantly beating shows a variety of information. Yu Yongliang, deputy director of the Bureau of Panyu District to introduce, in front of the display is a set of access control system, 12 sets of rental housing in the house, the people to the ear with the real name registration, personnel registration rate of. Through 1 sets of intelligent access control machine, the door is equipped with 1 sets of magnetic electronic lock, door installation of 1 sets of uninterrupted power supply, access door is installed in a case with the network camera installed in the tail gun rental, real-time information transmission system to achieve synchronization using the Internet platform to support the gate door pictures, video host monitoring with tail capture, alarm function, the function of electronic map, the focus of attention, trajectory queries, elderly attention, comprehensive data analysis, information release, online community equipment management and online upgrade 11 functions, effectively rent households included in the scope of management, to further enhance the level of rental housing security management. "According to the plan, we will be in the region of 31399 or more rental housing to promote such intelligent access control system." Yu Yongliang introduction, the current Panyu through bidding, has selected three companies responsible for the construction and operation of intelligent access control system. Because rental housing owners and tenants no upfront investment, this system has been widely welcomed in the pilot. If successful, this year is expected to complete the entire task of 30%, 2017 plans to complete the first half of 2018, the first half of will be completed." Nanfang Daily (reporter correspondent Fan Xuan Liu Huaiyu) responsibility editor: GDN001相关的主题文章: