Guangdong Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce 31 electric bicycle unqualified sweets parade

Guangdong provincial Trade and Industry Bureau: 31 electric bicycle failed yesterday, the Guangdong provincial Trade and Industry Bureau announced the province’s circulation of electric bicycle commodity quality inspection report. Provincial Industrial and commercial departments in Shantou, Foshan, Huizhou, Shanwei, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang and Zhaoqing 8 prefecture level city, a total of 60 units of the distribution of the electric bicycle products of the 129. After testing to determine the overall lack of supervision of electric bicycles a total of 31 models, sampling found that the failure rate was 24%, the other 98 models of electric bicycle products were not found substandard. Problem one: the highest speed electric bicycle as a non motor vehicle, its speed is a key indicator. The speed is too fast will cause the front braking force increase, easily lead to dangerous brake failure, sideslip and the front. The sampling has 31 models of electric bicycle appeared the highest speed is not qualified, the maximum speed of more than 20km h, the failure rate of the project was found to be 24%. Question two: the quality of the vehicle in a number of urban and rural areas, a large number of consumers will be used to carry the electric bicycle, carrier. Part of the production enterprises in order to meet the needs of consumers, ignoring the relevant provisions of the standards and local regulations, the production of heavy trucks, luxury models, such as excessive models. The sampling of 75 electric bikes appeared in the vehicle quality (weight) is not qualified, the whole vehicle quality (weight) more than 40kg, the failure rate of the project was found to be 58.1%. Question three: the braking performance of this spot checks found that the 2 electric bicycle brake performance is not qualified, the braking distance beyond the allowable range of the standard, the test found that the failure rate of 1.6%. Question four: pedal clearance the checks found that 28 electric bicycle pedal clearance failed, 26 of which were no pedal, the other 2 groups are the unqualified items and the ground was found in 21.7%. According to the sampling situation, the Guangdong provincial Trade and Industry Bureau to remind consumers to buy vehicles, we must first look at the brand check device. Secondly, should choose high speed, vehicle weight is too large vehicles, simple models, models and other styles to be with a lithium portable pedal riding style, the purchase of electric bicycle in the vertical direction can be tilted 25 degrees, at the foot is in contact with the ground.相关的主题文章: