Group dating! High value handsome boy beauty debut in Dalian, Shenyang Commercial Street ssport

Group dating! High value handsome boy beauty debut in Dalian, Shenyang commercial street, you will not suddenly appear in the corner of the coffee shop……" Recently, dozens of high Yan value, high altitude handsome guy gathered in Dalian, Shenyang, commercial street, even group blind date. In October 1st, 3 in Dalian, Qingniwaqiao pedestrian street and Shenyang Street prosperous family had 20 uniform wearing suit and dress seductive hotties, that is to "blind group"! Although the downtown district is never short of handsome and beautiful figure, but a group of blind people, really is the first! These meat "blind group" has just appeared, Haramoto Heehee’s commercial street raged, many "anthomaniac" boys and girls out of mobile phone and hotties photo, photos, sun circle of friends, have to admit hotties attractive Bukexiaoqu, minute strength circle powder rhythm. These "blind group" hotties, each holding a "accompany me to see a Eason concert" red heart-shaped plate, in the commercial street and the mall pocketed the eye, many people shouted: blind and very willing to such a high value of Yan TA, got together to watch the concert! If you are also attracted to the handsome guy, if you are single, I have a chance to take off the single do you want? October 3rd – 12, to enroll in the Shenyang Railway Station "orange stage to accompany me to see a Eason concert" activities, will have the opportunity to get 1680 yuan Eason Chan concert the tickets, listen to the idol to sing love songs and close, but also with the single "Ta" meet, open a wonderful love concert…… Sign up immediately and listen to TA with Eason.相关的主题文章: