Good things close Takashi Kashiwabara Uchida Yuki traced her

Good things close? Takashi Kashiwabara Takashi Kashiwabara and Uchida Yuki Uchida Yuki traced her shrine was photographed visiting the shrine of Takashi Kashiwabara in her handsome photo Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the 39 year old Japanese actor Takashi Kashiwabara [micro-blog]2010 was blasting his 1 year old Uchida Yuki love, Takashi Kashiwabara last year playing indoor volleyball, Uchida Yuki foot appeared for her boyfriend to refuel, then drove away with the sweet. That is a good thing, today (11 days) and two Japanese media broke the news the day before went to the famous two hills shrine, the shrine in Anchan, praying is quite effective, suspected of preparing made man. Takashi Kashiwabara was in "practical joke kiss" burst of red 2004 and Hiroko Hatano flash marriage, after 2 years of domestic violence and pass divorce, also had a marriage of Uchida Yuki, and Yoshioka Xiutaka had 3 years of short-lived marriage. Takashi Kashiwabara Uchida Yuki, the earliest in 1995 to shoot advertising, 2001 TV series "big wing" cooperation, after a marriage, only in 2010 when Japanese media call, who have been bad mouthing, but for many years in the past is still not optimistic about the stability of communication, when the relationship of the media below the glasses. According to the "FRIDAY" magazine, recently a weekend afternoon witnessed Takashi Kashiwabara and Uchida Yuki at the travel resort of Nikko Toshogu shrine next to the two hills, two people together hand in hand, like the love of lovers, but because of the local shrine in Anchan, praying for the high yen prompted speculation whether the value of lovers intending to marry and have children. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: