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God Tucao: catch the subtitles group BT can also be a good movie? Sohu news for the love of the film to see friends, today may be a gray Thursday. Yesterday, two Chinese for sharing resources animation in Japan is uploaded, Kyoto police in violation of "copyright law" on behalf of the arrest, the public not only name identity of two people, they also singled out are members of China subtitles group "clear sky garden".   subtitle group is certainly not illegal, there are similar organizations abroad. But more than do subtitle subtitles, such as clear sky caption group also hold and spread of resources, now only few subtitles group translation resources. This is the first time the Japanese police arrested Chinese subtitles group members, before the Chinese comic has been illegally uploaded source Kyoto police arrested, police do Kyoto is Japan’s bare buttocks administration? Japan’s reaction to a little bit of friends Meng: Chinese group subtitles group? Why is it so much like the name of a male idol group 30 years ago (the Japanese don’t think this is a Chinese gangster in Japan, right?)  : most Chinese netizens are in a complex mood: "coach, I want to learn Japanese T^T" from the perspective of intellectual property is indeed true, but as an anime fan…… Sad." "I don’t know what to say. I’ve heard that the subtitle group is walking on the edge of the law, and it’s a law. Hey, I hope you all well, but after all, I see the animation is to rely on the staff to stay overnight to translate the subtitles……"   Chinese here is not idle, the arrest of BT heaven head Yuan Moufei, on charges of "BT paradise" unauthorized sites provides more than ten thousand domestic and foreign film and television works resources, infringement copyright rights from illegal profits more than 90 yuan.   police conscience, boys shirtless back to three points hit the mosaic, so why should the belly wink code…… Another old driver turned the car, countless hitchhiking old Comrades have lit candles: "three minutes of silence, we owe you a member." The benefit of thousands of people, their more than and 10 years to earn only $900 thousand, a house can not afford to buy, just a conscience of the enterprise!" Autumn mountain pedestrians on the thin, often competing level drivers. Now the lane is still in, not the old driver.   some people do not understand, these people are not illegal, how to look at the comments have become a good man? It is because in Chinese, subtitle groups quickly by the wheel of history is dead, but the genuine era has not come, there is no classification system, now is only the crab age.   do not give you the resources is the domestic release ah, we are also willing to pay to support the legalization of the future, but I want to see things simply can not pass the legitimate way to watch it? I also want to go to the cinema experience, give the opportunity? Some people say that now a lot of video sites have started to buy copyright, anime TV station B station A also began to have genuine. We want to see the full version of it, in order to have a trial without a lot of work is not less a few minutes, the shadow is full screen, you let me how to open? &n]相关的主题文章: