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Go to Hongkong buy big customer queues in Tseung Kwan O mainland accounted for Beijing October new network in 40% – 25, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao reported that the Hongkong blue pond 24, Tseung Kwan O proud individual sales, many buyers arrived early in the morning the sales offices located in Kwun Tong crocodile centre, queues even once arranged to MTR Kwun Tong Station, spectacular. Mainland tourists into the city new house site, to local customers as the main object of the new disc sales also won the mainland tourists shopping spree. Leeshow and Guo Bingxiang cooperation in Tseung Kwan O Blue Pool proud, for two consecutive days to start the first round of 363 sales, nearly all sold out. The developers for two days to pick the building of customers and individual customers, and that the first day of buyers, have become four mainland tourists, the proportion of the first round in recent months, selling over 100 cases of the new site, new sites in recent years is rare. In order to cut queues, for each of those registered developers only need to have the agents and buyers of the one, and suggested that the agency first settled buyers to the nearby restaurants to rest. It is reported that the project yesterday sold 176 cases nearly sold out on the first day sold together with 187 cases, a total of two days sold about 360 in cash of nearly HK $2 billion 700 million. Pan Ruimin, senior vice president, said the project will not be pushed in the short term, but there is room for price adjustment. Midland chief executive officer of residential cloth less Ming said that the recent new plate gradually increase the proportion of mainland tourists, and the words in luxury real estate, such as the southern duck?. The left bank of the high proportion of about 30% mainland tourists. He also said that compared to other areas of new sites, mainland buyers are more familiar with the area for Tseung Kwan O, plus tathong proud set big priority pick floor, with large silver code property to attract mainland buyers, spend to buy multiple units. He said that this month, the mainland property market regulation and control measures to expand the number of cities, some cities to further increase the proportion of down payment second suites, so that the flow of funds into the property market in Hongkong, the formation of a high proportion of blue pond proud mainland guests.相关的主题文章: