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Go round twelfth Minsheng Bank team to get 3 points when the mutual – Sports Sohu Kua Tang Wei stars in September 10th, 2016 of the national chess League twelfth round match, the Minsheng Bank Beijing team home court against Zhuhai Wanshan team, will result in wartime more than Tang Weixing, Peng Liyao negative Kuaiqi xieerhao, readily Tao Sheng Chen Zhengxun, Xu Jiayang Sheng Meng Tailing. Minsheng Bank Beijing team 3-1 3 points. After checking, Tang Wei stars and sighed: "but when brother ah!" The more you say: "you always win the big game." Go on half finished, with world champion Peng Liyao, Tao Xinran, Pu Wenyao and the other hand the Minsheng Bank team ranks only tenth in the past, the favourites unexpectedly close to the relegation circle. With world champion Tang Weixing of the Zhuhai team is also the general situation, Minsheng Bank leading team 3 points behind in eighth place. More than 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter arrived at the mansion in financial passenger coffee, say hello to the friends of Kung Fu, has begun Kuaiqi replay, xieerhao white reversed Peng Liyao. Lose after Peng Liyao constantly shook his head and sighed: "I think there is also much calculation eat win, no number, oh……" Priority among priorities of the Lord of war, when the white against Tang Weixing, the August Baiyun Mountain cup, July Gionee mobile phone cup two tournament, Tang Weixing won two times more white, if the tournament is only a question of how much money, so in June the end of the eighth should the Cup semi-final is more pain in my heart forever! The three Fanqi the lost 1-2, lost two are the advantages of being reversed. Should the cup every 4 years, known as the "go Olympic Games", the lost opportunity in the finals, after four years there is no opportunity to participate in is a problem. The layout of the two sides to avoid the popular routines, gradually formed the more white when the external potential, Tang Weixing accounted for black field pattern. Black 47 three "clip" attack on the right side of the white, if you can help eliminate the white below homeopathic attack appearance, black is likely to lead. Black 61 continue to attack, seems to be the obvious choice, however, is a "62 white light on the" shape above the black chess weakness revealed, while the black self complementary on the occasion, the white head and down easily into one, the overall situation of active. After checking, pointing to the Tang Wei Stars Black 61 shook his head and said "not go", the first 67 black 61 suggestions to mend themselves, still need to jump up white hand game, black and white off the right and bottom contact, continue to attack and eliminate. 101 black and 107 two "cross" spoiler, but when the judgment is clear, discard right 7 albino, let the white side of the bilge into a vast expanse of water, leading many situation. The following more safe operation, to white 176 hands Tang Weixing admit defeat. After checking for a long time, Tang Weixing sighed: "but when brother ah!" The more you say: "you always win the big game." Obviously on the Cup semifinal haunting. Before the win, Xu Jiayang has defeated Meng Tailing, who won the Minsheng Bank team has been to ensure at least 2 points. At the end of the Tao is pleased with the battle of Chen Zhengxun, both sides fight to the final countdown, Tao Xinran white disc wins, Minsheng Bank team to get 3 points, the second half)相关的主题文章: