Global recruitment disk man led to high field can not go on mmhouse

The global recruitment of disk access man leads to high field mix down in recent years, we often see the famous automobile manufacturers a massive recall of news, and the number of each recall hundreds of hundreds of thousands of cars, people trance is not doubt the world auto industry collapse sign. In fact, these recalls are due to a large manufacturer of air bags caused by the supplier, the supplier is high field. We got the news from the foreign media, according to informed sources, since 2014, the high field because of the air bag door shares plunged about 90%, and faced with tens of billions of dollars in debt, the financial situation has been a collapse. In order to cope with such a situation, but also to find the potential of the high field of the potential acquisition of equity. These acquisitions including Japan dasailu company (Daicel Corp), KSS (Key Safety Systems Inc. key) parent company’s global private equity KKR China Ningbo Junsheng electronics, Bain Capital, and. According to reports, Gao Tian Guidance Committee representative, dasailu company, KKR, Bain Capital declined to comment on the. Ningbo joyson electronic spokesman Chen Yang said that they are not in direct contact with Gao Tian, but through intermediaries and high field communication. Gao Tian hired investment bank Lazard as a consultant, plans to select two suitable buyers in mid September of this year, after consulting with car prices and other financial support in October. From the current situation, all electronic is likely to be one of the two potential buyers. Since Takada Naomi and car prices on the recall cost sharing agreement, so the company has not yet made a final estimate. The Japanese auto industry analyst Endo Koji pointed out that "high field survival of car prices to maintain the bargaining power is very important. Moreover, given the collapse of the high price of the shares, some investors may think that its non airbag business is very attractive."相关的主题文章: