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"Ghost in the shell" first exposure trailers widowed sister highlights sexy body – Sohu – Johnson Scarlett entertainment graceful figure highlights over Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) Hollywood new high-profile live version of "ghost in the shell" (Ghost in the Shell) 3D film, today issued the first paragraph the official trailer. Although the film is only 10 seconds, but popular sexy actress Scarlett Johnson was in the limelight: the opening of a man kicked the air in the water, completed a volley flip, after Scarlett – Johnson dressed in white tights now floating in front of lens, graceful figure highlights no more than. This film is full of mystery, and lifted the audience appetite.     the live version of "shell attack mobile team" has been directed by "Snow White and the hunter" Rupert – Saunders served as director. In 1995, Mamoru Oshii will be the animation onto the screen, is Japan’s first wholly owned by foreign companies Toupai cartoons, in reputation and box office success. A live version of "ghost in the shell" on a script written by William wyler. Last year because of strong word-of-mouth movie "Compton" out of the high-profile Jonathan Herman, in the details of a further modification of the completed script. In addition to Scarlett – Johnson played the lead actress, Joe Han – Philip – will play the role of the hero of the United States, – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – will play the leading role – – – – -. It is worth mentioning that the multinational force production of the film, is a commercial film international perspective, in addition to the "widowed sister", Japanese actor and director Takeshi, from the French actress Juliet – Binoche hall and so on, have also joined the film shoot. "Little sister," the heroine of the play, or as sexy as ever, full of temptation. Once in the blockbuster "maleficent" plays "Mr. crow" star Sam Riley, will play "laugh in the face of male criminals". "Smiling face male" event "is an important plot in the ghost in the shell", the story is set in 2024, the MM manufacturing company Sera No gene mixed club president was kidnapped in live, the ransom for the "smiling man" face in the picture, he left with a laugh in the face of mark image after escape. "Ghost in the shell" in March 31, 2017 will be landing in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: