Gentleman the ultimate form of Meikong college! christie stevens

Gentleman: the ultimate form of Meikong college! Hello, boys and girls, it’s time to play again at the academy! Meikong, is a unique attribute, it can make people forget the dignity, the most willing to let themselves become the sister servants. Have Meikong properties in Japanese animation in the male character very much, but for their favorite sister has not the same performance. Some hate everything for my sister finished, some holding and sister married but fantasy, in the end, they all have a Meikong soul in life and integrity in love with sister. So, these people Meikong what love sister? What are their forms of expression? If you want to know, just follow the penguin! More than 1 enterprises and eight – Valley streamers "my youth love story really a problem. "Childhood is a lonely person, has left countless trauma, and therefore often play ourselves from a guessing game or brainteasers, occasionally automatic speaking. Is a seemingly very mature senior patients, sometimes say some overage words, sometimes very naive. [performance] Meikong: "if not married sister, you do not like the" [analysis]: gentleman by sister Tucao: "it seems that his brother should not married yet, leads to the male teacher" according to the different growth environment, people’s preferences are different. That is to say, marriage must not be said to be happy. "The inner monologue, and that" ultimately, this is that, if not married, the true saying sister you do not like the ". Meikong degree is very horrible, even said in front of friends if not even crime should be small and. According to the 2 letter of the bridge — Saiki Kusunokio’s disaster, the heart of the beautiful brother. The heart is a recognized beauty handsome, as the top Youth Idol "Liushen" active in the entertainment industry. Whether it is the way of getting along with people or in between men and women with high popularity. But the essence is extremely Meikong, does not allow any man to her sister. It’s a dream to be a sister husband. [performance]: Meikong and sister got married! [analysis]: Meikong gentleman to a realm of terror that God created sister is the highest artistic masterpiece, and that can match only their sister. In fact, there are many famous, for example, how can the United States and the United States to the heart of the dirty mortal, only I can touch her brother, etc.. For sister man very harsh to the irony of Saiki Kusunokio as "four eyes", "turn around shit flies" etc.. 3 Takasaka Kyousuke – "my sister is so cute! "High Osaka home eldest son, and sister Tong is the relationship between the original indifference to the pole, but found her special interest was sister to find" life advice ", and also gradually in the right direction. In her "fake boyfriend stir" found himself a "Meikong", and determined to do a "treasure elder brother sister". [performance] Meikong: scapegoat, not consciously, in order to help sister sister can self destruct [analysis]: the beginning of the gentleman did not know that he is a Meikong, but after some things after sadly found themselves is a]相关的主题文章: