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Gansu grassroots police investigators in 20 Tibetan 1000 have a clear conscience (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Lanzhou Xinhua (Zhang Xiaohui Li Guien) "Gansu Province outstanding people’s police, the Gannan public security system for flood relief advanced individual", "Gannan outstanding youth", a two. 1 times, three class 5, 4 awards…… The 38 year old two police inspector in downtown, in the 20 years from the police on the road, due to the fairness of law enforcement, to agriculture and animal husbandry tangible things, and received many honors. In 1997, 19 year old Tibetan youth in downtown wanted to become a police officer, was sent to work in Gansu Diebu county garden police station, with the account information to a person in charge of registration within the jurisdiction of more than and 800 villagers. In November the Longjiang white edge and cold, mostly distributed in the village and an altitude of 3000 meters, a work on the back notes and simple luggage, walk a few hours from door to door registration. Some villagers do not understand the importance of household registration, in the patient on the communication, to overcome the difficulties to successfully complete the task. As the Criminal Investigation Brigade captain in the local police in downtown and most dedicated, no weekends, no holidays, mobile phone 24 hours a day, at the moment of the standby state. Even different dialects of the Tibetan area, he also pay attention to society, which can communicate and fellow. In the downtown in their career, have a deep impression on his case. It was 1999, a village cadres within the jurisdiction of Lin (a pseudonym) with 120 thousand of public money, this is a great impact on the case at the time, the supervisor is familiar with the situation in the host detection alarm. During that time, did not sleep in a calm feeling, thinking about the motives and whereabouts of Lin overnight. In the analysis of his life habits, in trouble that he very likely fled to Tibet, then the task force was removed from Golmud and more than 1 thousand kilometers to Lhasa, in the Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace surrounding Dunshou dispatched. After a long wait, finally in the Shigatse Municipal Public Security Bureau police station with the help of the suburbs, Lin captured. See the moment in downtown, Lin stayed for a while before he spoke, "I knew you would come, I have to spend no money." In the special police know? At work, so very strict requirements on their own, work and strive to justice, the police career from thousands of cases, no cases of miscarriages of justice. "As long as I was doing the right thing, I have a clear conscience, even sacrificed life." (end)相关的主题文章: