Fujian 6 years after the typhoon Meranti meet local rainfall or up to 450 mm-winavi

Fujian 6 years after the typhoon Meranti meet local rainfall of 450 mm or 6 years after the original title: Fujian Zaiyu "Meranti" storm tide impact should not be underestimated because of the typhoon in September 14th, Fuzhou closed the West Lake Park show very quiet. On the same day, with the super typhoon "Meranti" coming across Fujian relevant departments have announced that the closed area, to ensure the safety of tourists. The fourteenth typhoon this year moranti "is expected to Zhaoan along the coastal areas in Xiamen in the early morning of 15. Zhang Bin photo Beijing, Fuzhou, September 15 (Xinhua Long Min Zheng Binyue Hui Ying) after a lapse of 6 years, named "miranti" typhoon hit Fujian. Fujian provincial meteorological experts said the 14 typhoon "Meranti this year" has become the wind king in 2016 to the Pacific Northwest, and is likely to become the strongest typhoon this year, landing China. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory senior engineer Xia Lihua introduction, the super typhoon "Meranti" will bring strong wind and rain affected the province of Fujian. Forecasts show that the province’s rainfall (14, 8 -17, 8) will be between 100~250 mm, the local up to 350-450 mm, of which 1 hour rainfall intensity will reach 50-80 mm, locally more than 120 mm or. While the central and southern coastal areas of Fujian this afternoon, blowing 8~10 gust, today at night to 15 during the day the wind will increase to 10~13, near the typhoon center will reach 14~16. Xia Lihua reminded, "Meranti" raids, sea or work ships should timely return to harbor, coastal aquaculture personnel to evacuate ashore, the relevant departments should timely reinforcement facilities, close the coastal tourist attractions and coastal sites, pay special attention to prevent the landing typhoon onshore winds adversely affected. At the same time, we should also pay attention to prevent secondary disasters such as flood and waterlogging in urban and rural areas, Shan Hong, debris flow and landslide. Six years ago, 2010 No. tenth typhoon "Meranti" landing in Fujian Shishi in September 10th, landing near the center of the largest wind 12 meters, wind speed of 35 seconds, with the rain, caused no small economic loss to Fujian. Xia Lihua said, although the same is called "Meranti", but this year’s typhoon and six years ago, the 10 typhoon not related, only the name is the same, their strength, path, landing sites have a world of difference. If it is necessary to say that they are related, they are all in September". According to the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Station forecast, "Meranti" will be at 15 am in the morning to Fujian Jinjiang to Guangdong Shantou along the coastal areas (42~50m, s, 14~15, strong typhoon), then turned to the northerly direction, at 16 am in the morning to the territory of Jiangxi weakened into a tropical depression. In addition, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" in "Meranti" Southeast generation. The prediction shows that "Maleka" will move into the coastal areas of East China and fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" influence area overlap in 17-18, increase the "Meranti" wind, rainfall uncertainty. (end) 6相关的主题文章: