Fugu, Shaanxi explosion killed 12 people were killed and 147 injured-sorpack

Shaanxi Fugu explosion caused 12 people were killed and 147 injured accident rescue scene on 14 October 24th 03, unknown explosives wells Tower Village Shaanxi town Fugu County Xinmin a color room. As of 24 am, the accident killed 12 people were killed and 147 people were injured, of which seriously injured by a total of 11 people, minor injuries to the people of the housing around the origin of the injury, 136 people. At 14:30, after receiving the accident report, the government of Fugu County, the principal leaders of the county leaders in charge immediately lead the relevant departments rushed to the scene, the organization of public security, fire, police, mine rescue teams and other personnel, transporting forklifts, excavators and other large equipment, using advanced life detector technology, and actively carry out on-site rescue work. At the same time, mobilized 6 ambulances and 38 medical personnel rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Rapid implementation of government temporary traffic control shop road, on-site order management and control, the evacuation of the masses and damaged houses hidden investigation work. At 17:50, Yulin mayor Wei Jundong led the municipal leaders and relevant departments at the scene rescue, requirements: one must do everything possible to implement the rescue scene, at all costs to rescue trapped people, to prevent secondary accidents; two to Easy Access quickly opened, to protect all smooth, ensure the timely delivery of the injured treatment; three to do on-site control rescue work, ensure the orderly conduct of the work; four to properly deal with the aftermath, appease. Subsequently, the establishment of city and county joint headquarters, under the on-site rescue group, medical aid group, the stability group, the accident investigation group, rehabilitation treatment group, accident news group, security group 7 working group, headed by the city and county were related to leadership, duties, cooperate closely, to carry out related work. At 20:40, Yulin municipal Party committee secretary Hu Zhiqiang arrived at the scene of the accident, after listening to the report, put forward four requirements for rescue work. One is to rescue, at all costs; the two is to maintain good order at the scene; three is timely and accurate, practical information, report to superiors; the four is to carry out accident investigation and rehabilitation work quickly. Currently, the search continues, all the injured were taken to hospital for treatment. The damaged houses involved personnel have been evacuated by the hotel, factories, relatives and friends etc. are properly placed. All around the scene to set up a cordon, the implementation of personnel management, maintenance of order at the scene. Cause of the accident investigation, property losses have been in full swing. According to preliminary investigation, the accident room wells tower all the villagers Zhang Ruilin earlier, leased to Yulin a construction team, within the past 7 months, uninhabited. At present, the public security organs have control of the owner, the search team is responsible for the construction.相关的主题文章: