Fu Yuanhui makeup so amazing, the group did not lose Lin Chiling (Figure)-exit safe mode

Fu Yuanhui makeup so stunning photo of Lin Chiling didn’t lose (Figure) Fu Yuanhui and Lin Chiling recently, some netizens drying out Lin Chiling and Fu Yuanhui’s box with photos, photos of Zhi Ling caused onlookers, sister sweet smile, than a "Yeah" gesture, adorable cute. Fu Yuanhui also stood on the makeup appearance, many netizens exclaimed, "after the finished makeup girl" did not lose the aura. In this regard, many netizens commented: "the original Fu Yuanhui makeup is also a beautiful child" "this field did not lose to the elder sister of Zhi Ling!" "Fu Yuanhui used the field force, but also beautiful." Related news "Honghuang girl" Fu Yuanhui privately actually looks like this… Fu Yuanhui Phoenix Entertainment news show because of their "field force" in the Rio Olympic Games in the pool, especially in the post match interview shows her out of the ordinary. Fu Yuanhui was born in 1996 this year, just over 20 years old, she is 1.77 tall figure for bodybuilding, "Zhejiang team" had an interview with Fu Yuanhui, and in the pool as she took a group of large, showing her on the other side of the United states. Fu Yuanhui "heartless" Fu Yuanhui or hundred-percent Satin hand, most of the Chinese players will poker-faced thanks to their coach and family, and Fu Yuanhui look rich, sometimes put a finger into the nostrils of strange posture, sometimes shaking table feeling pain, sometimes with reporters and teammates. After the interview, Fu Yuanhui became a net red, not only become a magic expression of the network hot search, and even foreign media have repeatedly reported her. Fu Yuanhui convergence pool "field force", the 20 year old Fu Yuanhui is a quiet girl can be funny! Fu Yuanhui behind the other details, the golden brown small smoke, thick black eyeliner, flaming lips, properly goddess fan children. In addition to fresh girl Fu Yuanhui fan, Fu Yuanhui also has a charming little woman when oh. To attend the activities according to the United States, wavy hair and red lips, silk dress, the original "the girl" can be so beautiful. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: