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From the outside to the main battlefield of the East 9 leaders either why 5 people fall? Sohu news September 12th, Shenzhen District of Longgang city held a general meeting of cadres, Gaozimin became the new party secretary. And his predecessor, Feng had been taken away. Longgang has now become the core hub of Shenzhen East strategy, from the "fireman" selection can also be a glimpse of clues. Gao Zimin has worked for a long time in Shenzhen energy group, in July last year, he was in charge of the Shenzhen SASAC, just a year later, and then transferred to Longgang. For the inauguration, Liu admitted that the burden on the shoulder is very heavy. How to seize the opportunity in Longgang is undoubtedly Gaozimin to consider; from another perspective, the 8 party secretary of 5 people eventually sacked, Longgang leaders as a "very careful" positions. Choose Gaozimin to fill, is undoubtedly a reason. "In the long term in the state owned enterprise system as a ‘leader’, both macroeconomic strategic vision, but also the operation of management experience, is an expert in business management and economic work experts." This is the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zheng Ke to his assessment at the meeting, he also said Gaozimin work of clear thinking, open-minded, honest style. Zheng Ke explicitly mentioned Longgang as an important strategic fulcrum of the East, to ensure steady and rapid economic and social development ", actively building an effective mechanism not rot, not rot, do not want to rot." He says so. The story of Longgang represented by the Shenzhen spirit, is undoubtedly a kind to try to take the attitude, compared with the other side of the Hongkong, the gap is in the power driven reduced step by step. Specific to this place in Longgang, is from Shenzhen to the territory outside the main battlefield of the East strategy today. I know you have been to the Shenzhen government for many times, but did not come to Longgang. To this end, the political know Jun to find a small partner in Shenzhen. She told the Political Bureau (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju), he did not know much about Longgang, because the location is far away from the city center, rarely go to Longgang. Speaking of Longgang, referred to the concept of Shenzhen customs clearance of. Last June, Shenzhen second demolition (line off refers to and Hongkong connected pass), separate customs clearance has become history. 1986, the barbed wire will be divided into two areas in Shenzhen sar. There is no doubt that there are many differences between the two sides of the network, this difference is reflected in many aspects of transportation, public security, infrastructure and so on. That year, the so-called Shenzhen SAR, referring to the world within the network, accounting for only 1/6 of the city’s area. Longgang belongs to the customs, the vast area, is the largest area of Shenzhen City area, but do not enjoy special treatment. 1993, the Longgang district was formally established, directly under the jurisdiction of the city of Shenzhen, the end of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the Shenzhen County, Baoan. By the year 2010, Shenzhen entered the era of the SAR, the scope of the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region expanded to the city, Longgang has officially become a special zone in Shenzhen. From the area to delimit the customs, over the past 17 years, Longgang will usher in new opportunities. And all of a sudden, the expansion of the area of Shenzhen SAR five times. You may think, before the customs of life of the Shenzhen people, should be quite reluctant to.相关的主题文章: