Four workers repair power wells three deaths and one injury safety supervision department has

Four workers repair power wells three deaths and one injury safety supervision department has carried out investigation and new network – in the newspaper news (reporter Li Jiarui) yesterday afternoon at 12:26, the accident occurred at a power road, Fengtai District Garden Expo wells. 4 workers when the accident occurred in the maintenance of wells, 4 workers fell into the well, killing 3 people were killed and 1 injured. At present, the safety supervision department has set up an accident investigation team to carry out the investigation of this accident. The accident site is located in the northeast side of Park Road and Park Bo Park West two road intersection, the metro line 14 Zhang Guozhuang station. 4 male workers under the name of wells, are Hebei Anxin County people. Among them, 3 were the 44 year old Chen Lubing, 47 year old and 27 year old Li Shuntao Kebing ma. Injured 33 year old Li Xiaobing, has been sent to hospital for treatment, no life-threatening. Safety supervision department said continues on the cause of the accident investigation, still can not determine by accident or biogas fall dead. After the accident, safety supervision, public security, fire protection, electric power and other departments have arrived at the scene, the incident has been cordoned off around. According to a preliminary understanding, the construction personnel did not fulfill any relevant work procedures, unauthorized access to work well, causing casualty accidents. Currently, the construction unit is working with the relevant departments to investigate. The electric power company, as well to Beijing ferry industry Cci Capital Ltd of new wells, is currently in the construction phase, property and equipment of non – electric company. The construction site of the project for the Xin Sheng Xiang Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Co., ltd.. Relevant departments of the power company suggested that the construction unit in the underground operations required to obtain the channel operation and maintenance of property rights unit work permit, and should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the limited space operations personnel protection work. It is understood that the underground work belongs to limited space work, in accordance with the requirements in the sewage wells, septic tanks, underground pipeline construction and other limited space work units, is strictly prohibited in the provisions did not take protective measures, the provisions are not equipped with protective equipment, did not receive safety training, not on the job site ventilation detection under the condition of downhole operation. J240相关的主题文章: