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Former James joined rivals he can return to the level you Pelican who is in the ear…… sina sports news Beijing time on September 10th, according to U.S. media reports, free agent Lance Stephenson has reached a contract agreement with the New Orleans pelicans team, but the specific contract information not disclosed. Stephenson became a free agent in the summer, but as a result of their own state of decline significantly, until September did not get an ideal contract, and even many teams have refused to negotiate with him. In the last season, Stephenson in the Losangeles clippers and Memphis Grizzlies played, averaging 8.3 points and 3.2 rebounds and 1.9 assists, 48.1% shooting. This summer the Grizzlies did not carry out his player options, and eventually Stephenson became a free agent. This year only 26 years old, he started in the Indiana team when he was walking, with the heat effect of James’s entanglement as a conversation, the ear blows many people laugh. The technical characteristics of outstanding outstanding physical quality plus, 2014 Stephenson left the Pacers chose to offer more and more game time hornets. But leave the Pacers Stephenson after not their true level of play, gradually reduced to each team’s bench for the game there is a change in attitude. Two years ago, Stephenson was a quasi all star player before leaving the Pacers, but two years later he ran around for a contract. Initially he was just a trial in the pelican, in order to win the team a regular list of places, Stephenson still played a final exhaust all the skills, to get the contract, also let oneself in the new season of play. Stephenson needs to prove himself with practical action, rather than taking the emotion to the court. As a gift of strong players, to seize every opportunity, find the former glory of the state of the world. (I)相关的主题文章: