Foreign media secret the rank of the crown prince of Thailand has long lived in

Foreign media secret: the rank of the crown prince of Thailand has long lived in Germany map: Maha Chulalongkorn wow power set · original title: foreign media secret: the rank of the crown prince of Thailand has long lived in Germany in October 24 reference news network news media said, Thailand crown prince Maha · wow Chit Lalon Kama, a trained soldier, will need to from the distant Prince identity — most of his time in life in Germany, into the new king of Thailand. His fame was far from his father, and his father had been worshipped for decades, as if God existed. According to the Agence France-Presse in October 13 reported that the Thai king died after a few hours, the prince asked to postpone the throne, causing chaos. The royal family of Thailand in these years released photos, you can see the 64 year old thin man during a short stay in Thailand, dressed in white uniforms presided over the official image of the event. In December 2014 2001, Prince and secretly married third wife, Crown Princess Mengxi Lamy just divorced, with hitherto unknown scandal: several members of the royal family for blasphemy against the Mengxi Lami crime trial. They were accused of using the identity of the "Princess of relatives to obtain economic benefits, it is widely regarded as the future king cleaning action. After the divorce, people found the prince figure in different pictures in the background: wearing a red pullover, ripped jeans, relaxed; dressed as Santa Claus; absent-minded with him and play with the little boy students Mengxi lami. The authorities began to publicize the prince frequently appeared in August 2015, when people increasingly worried about the physical condition of the king. Bangkok organized a large-scale bicycle race, the prince in front of the team leader. But he spoke less and less, only some officials, such as the new Congress in Thailand in 2011 the first meeting, Vajiralongkorn Mahal · instead of his sick father presided. At the time, he said: "as a member of the Democratic leadership of the country, is the direct responsibility of everyone." In May 2014 the British government opposed the coup, the prince in Thailand. MS yingluck’s supporters held demonstrations, some people holding a portrait of the prince, raised secretly about his and her brother, the exiled billionaire Thaksin to talk. As a former Prime Minister Thaksin, ousted in 2006, is the traditional royalist elite deep hatred, they regarded as the royal family system threat. As for the prince of moral concern, only behind the discussion, because in Thailand, the royal family is a felony blasphemy. But while the king of Thailand has long maintained a good image of himself – the social networks and the Internet of the time, the task will be much harder for his son. In July 2016, the German "Bild" published some Prince special photos, links to related articles soon be blocked in Thailand. A lot of children Mahal · first marriage of Vajiralongkorn and a cousin of a daughter, was born in 1978; wife had several sons and second, but they were not admitted to the Royal identity. In the early years, the royal family of Thailand"相关的主题文章: