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Foreign media said Dongfeng 41 has two large emission test is third – channel data figure: U.S. military Sohu "peacekeeper" MX missile targeted reentry in the atmosphere to draw light, Chinese Dongfeng 41 missile warheads to a similar. Arsenal October 27th news: according to the Russian military information network news, the development of Chinese weapons and military equipment by experts and the public concerns, while emerging strategy system is particularly interesting. Among them, China’s current most interesting design is the intercontinental ballistic missile Dongfeng 41. China has never been anxious to publish information about the project, but foreign intelligence agencies and the media never stop looking for details. Despite the fact that China’s strategy is a secret, foreign intelligence agencies are still trying to understand some of the features of the new equipment. In addition, the media and some military fans activities also promote the disclosure of information. Under their joint efforts, we can draw a rough sketch of the project, but can not rule out the possibility of some errors. The article tries to collect all the data about the 41 missile. As can be seen from the name, the future of the ballistic missile Dongfeng 41 is another representative of the Dongfeng series of works, for decades, Dongfeng series provides strategic security for china. At the same time, compared with the previous models, the new missile has a significant difference in various design features and performance. In particular, it is understood that in the new project framework to try to increase missile delivery. According to some data, the history of Dongfeng 41 project can be traced back to the mid 80s. As early as 1984, China decided to develop a new intercontinental ballistic missile based on technical and strategic analysis. According to the technical tasks of the time, the new equipment should have the ability to attack the u.s.. In addition, China has decided to give up liquid fuel, equipped with a solid rocket engine. The purpose of the new project is to use the performance of the new weapon to replace the old Dongfeng 5 missile. One of the most important problems of the new project is to meet the performance requirements of solid fuels. According to the existing data, the first ten years to complete the necessary part of the research and development, has been using the new fuel engine test. After the successful completion of this phase of the work, the development of new intercontinental missile and other components of the missile system can be carried out in full swing. Clearly, there are several types of proposals for future missile launchers at this stage. Well known well base emission, as well as two types of mobile launchers. One is mounted on a special wheeled chassis, and the other is on a railroad. The appearance of these two kinds of missile can significantly improve the attack power of Dongfeng 41. Beijing officials did not disclose the basic information about the future intercontinental ballistic missile, the missile’s performance information is still confidential. However, with the joint efforts of intelligence agencies, media and military fans, some news about the project was obtained. Some of the news seems to be credible and realistic. However, due to various reasons, some data may be wrong. The most visible form of Dongfeng 41.相关的主题文章: