Foreign fishing vessels to see tort fatigues Sansha immediately fled the militia-kasey chase

Foreign fishing vessels to see tort fatigues immediately flee the map: Sansha militia Chinese Sansha maritime militia militia oath of rolling waves, the scorching sun exposure in Paracel Islands. The crescent shaped the male duck Island, a dozen men dressed in camouflage uniforms, the militia was on the beach for military training. They are usually fishermen, when there is a case of maritime rights activist. "At ease,"!" Coach Liao Guangjie and monitor underground with a password. Since 2014 came to a new military garrison, he became responsible for militia training, "basically put all of the Xisha island are all over". A new military garrison was established in July 24, 2012, is the youngest China army garrison. It was born in the background of the struggle of national sovereignty, from the moment of the formal formation of shoulder the great mission of building a maritime power, safeguarding the sovereignty of the South China sea. Three Shashi is the southernmost city Chinese, in the prefecture level city in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of the largest area, land area is very small, the resident population of more than a thousand people, and scattered in various islands. In this case, vigorously strengthen the militia team construction has become an important means of a new military garrison defending and safeguarding the sovereignty of territorial waters. "At present, we have built a team of hundreds of people in the South China Sea militia, casting a reef reserve force to defend the motherland." Director of the Political Department of the Sansha garrison Yang Jianbo said. The fishermen have joined the militia, to defend the ancestral sea "male duck island beach covered with fine coral stone, potholed, step up some feet. For this area of only 0.01 square kilometers of the island, there is already the most smooth place. Liao Guangjie usually here led the militia training, including the queue, health care, patrol and drive away foreign tort fishing and other subjects, "the purpose is to enhance the ability of safeguarding rights militia". Unlike the centralized training on the mainland, militia training Sansha scattered in various islands, full of unimaginable hardships. "A pair of camouflage shoes, in the army a year for a double, but on the island of coral reefs too much, we have 3 months to wear a pair of." An officer said. In addition, the island living conditions, Limited supplies of vegetables, caused no small difficulty for training. But even so, no one doubts the significance of the militia. These militias usually go fishing at sea, perennial in the sea drift, often the first to find illegal foreign vessels. "The militia out production that foreign fishing vessels will report the first time to us, we put together the disposal of military police." Yang Jianbo said, "the militia play an important role in this mechanism." However, the dispersion is not an easy thing in all islands residents organize the construction of a relatively fixed, and the militia. The establishment of a new military garrison in the year after, commander Cai Xihong, political commissar Liao Zhaoyi led the brigade has more than ten times to Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, on all inhabited islands, field investigation, and door militia building propaganda. The vast Xisha sea winds surge, "calm three foot waves, waves hit the waves", garrison soldiers every time out with unknown risks. Commander Cai Xihong in a transfer, a big wave two ship instantly "break", he.相关的主题文章: