For the full year running plan don’t ambitious details determine success or failure-demonophobia

For the full year running plan: don’t hurry collection it’s the details determine success or failure! The new year, of course, will have to start all over again. We just said goodbye for a month, and it’s time to find some new ways. If you’re an athlete, or if you want to be an athlete, it’s important to make a plan for yourself that you can keep all year around. Many people like to make their goals too ambitious, but ignore the little details. The big goal will make people very pushy, it will certainly bring power to us, but if we ignore the details of the target, a shock out of reach, you in the end how long to maintain, is still unknown. When it comes to running, a tendency is important, and that’s the necessity of planning. We have to know how much time we want to spend per mile, what courses we train every week, when we train, and how we train. If you’re racing at every mile, you might as well walk for a while. So instead of just looking at what you’ve done in the new year, make a plan that can be applied all year. For example, running in the mountains, exploring new routes in the city will make you full of energy, and have a new understanding of running. The following is a running God’s plan for the new year, it’s fun to read: stop biting your nails, I have failed for 27 years, I had to find some lead to false nails; stop watching too much TV show, let oneself live; stop eating fast food, this year a commitment will be broken, but now I have a gluten free diet; less money, especially not with money; some go to a yoga class, make their own self-cultivation. (text: winter)

适用整年的跑步计划:别好高骛远 细节决定成败 赶快收藏吧!   新的一年,当然一切都要重新出发。我们刚刚告别了一月,是时候寻找到一些新的方式了。如果你是一个运动员,或者如果你希望成为一名运动员,那么为自己制定一个可以保持整年的计划,是很重要的。   很多人喜欢把自己的目标制定得过于宏大,反而忽视了那些小细节。大目标会让人很有冲劲,当然也会给我们带来动力,不过如果忽视了细节,一味地冲击遥不可及的目标,你的动力到底能保持多久,还是个未知数。   谈到跑步的时候,一个倾向很重要,那就是计划的必要性。我们必须要知道自己希望在每英里花费多少时间,每周训练什么课程,何时训练,怎样训练。如果你每英里的配速随心所欲,那还不如干脆走一会。   所以不放在新的一年刚刚开始的时候,回顾自己以往的表现,制定一个可以适用整年的计划吧。比如去山间小路跑跑步,探索一些城市里的新路线,会让你充满了活力,而且对跑步有新的认识。   以下是一位跑步大神的新年计划,读起来很有趣:   停止咬指甲,我已经失败了27年,导致自己不得不去寻找一些假指甲;   停止看太多的电视真人秀,让自己活得充实;   停止吃快餐,每年这个承诺都会被打破,但现在我不得不采用无麸质饮食;   少花钱,特别是没用的钱;   去上一些瑜伽课,让自己修身养性。(文:冬天)相关的主题文章: