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For 5 years to return to Mengniu Gensheng strategizing to know, make a reverse – this sentence in the proverbs Gensheng life, he spent 5 years to complete the interpretation of it. In September 15th, Mengniu Mengniu’s announcement that 4 year old Sun Yiping has resigned as executive director, President, President Lu Minfang as new president of Mengniu ashley. What is more striking is that in the eyes of many people in the past years old Mengniu marshal Niu Gensheng, once again appeared in the list of members of the new strategy Mengniu Dairy members. This means that, from the 5 year to Mengniu Gensheng control plan, only the last step. Time back to the afternoon of June 3, 2011, just announced at the press conference after the Mengniu Group resigned from the post of chairman of the board of Niu Gensheng, in the security of asylum, through a group of reporters in the rush on like a swarm of hornets, went straight into the building next to the car already prepared. The moment the door closed, Niu Gensheng’s expression was slow down, it seems relieved all the unwilling and reluctant, Mengniu building far away, he has not been back to his head. 12 years ago, Niu Gensheng played 16 years from the start empty-handed Yili, Mengniu, founded. Only 8 years, he led Mengniu on the old club beyond, so that the industry first, and become the country’s first revenue of over 20 billion dairy companies. However, Niu Gensheng did not think of is a dangerous situation, strikes, building a night club. Mengniu in distress, Niu Gensheng withdraw cash in 2008, the outbreak of the "melamine" event, Niu Gensheng became a target for all the public opinion and mengniu. In addition to the performance of the huge loss of 948 million 600 thousand yuan, Mengniu and Niu Gensheng 10 years to build the "public" positive image also collapsed. It is more disappointing than despair. Lose all trust Mr standing in the center of the storm, powerless. That moment, he profoundly realized, in order to save himself to Mengniu, led by the "old Mengniu" must retreat. Subsequently, Niu Gensheng tears in the Manifesto, gathering a huge bailout funds for Mengniu, and finally it is hard to catch the state-owned COFCO, the ship will be saved, Mengniu broken capital chain, the dairy Empire personally set back from the brink. So far, he completed his last mission. Everything is so easy, COFCO Mengniu become the largest shareholder, in the boardroom. A large number of "old Mengniu" by veteran led Gensheng departure, management to complete a big shake, Sun Yiping host, "Mengniu" officially took over. With Mr expected, COFCO joint investment fund to HK $6 billion 100 million acquisition of 20.03% stake in listed companies Mengniu, Mengniu in. Niu Gensheng controlled the cow fund all exit, the success of cash of HK $955 million. The disappearance of 5 years, he has never disappeared Gensheng has already been planned, he will leave after Mengniu, spent several years doing two things. Is the heart of a fund for the development of public welfare projects, to re stack collapse a positive image of the brick; two is low-key to enter the dairy industry, upstream suppliers, and continue to maintain a strong association of mengniu. To do this business is the unspoken rules of the entrepreneur business model, but Niu Gensheng has done exceptionally hard. As early as Mengniu listed at the beginning, Niu Gensheng had come up with.相关的主题文章: