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Feng Xiaogang: fate with Fan Bingbing, let her play good to show my strength in October 13th, "I am not Pan Jinlian" the preview of the Jinan University in Guangzhou, director Feng Xiaogang, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun attended the seminar after. "I am not Pan Jinlian," the play to get the praise of college students, the audience laughter. Nanfang Dushi Bao, deputy editor in chief Cui Xianghong evaluation of the film: true and accurate". Feng Xiaogang also admitted that this work is not the same as the previous style, now look worried is redundant". He’s "self assessment has created a new height, is a comedy and having substance in speech, he acknowledged that his past" also took some nonsense comedy, big smile, very upright. Fan Bingbing has the opportunity to ask questions in the field with the students bluntly: actress Fan Bingbing in recent years, there is no good work, I would like to ask why she chose to play the role of Li Xuelian in the?" Feng Xiaogang also bluntly said: "I know what you mean, when you want to choose the role of Li Xuelian, many users are recommended to me heroine candidate, such as Xun Zhou, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Yao, Bai Baihe and so on, are acting. They only thought Fan Bingbing could not, which greatly inspired me! I actually have ulterior motives. What does she have to do with me? Under my guidance, you can not play a good actor, to show my strength, right?" A remark caused the audience applause. Feng Xiaogang went on to say, "there is no such thing as love or hate. Twelve years ago, Fan Bingbing’s first movie "mobile phone" is what I shot, but also the works of liu. I found out that she had a very good understanding, acting on the spot and Ge You to play together, you know that Ge You acting is very strong. Twelve years later, in fact, Bing Bing and Li Xuelian is a fate, I and she is also a fate. For the first time, the "mobile phone" took a supporting role, the middle of the twelve years, I actually did not see her several times, and this time to win the prize, which means that I and she still has the fate of." Circular composition special China as to why the film used in a large circle of composition, Feng Xiaogang said: "look at Liu’s novel I feel very complex, on the one hand it is particularly realistic, like I know a person. Words are commonplace in everyday life, but I find it particularly ridiculous. If you take a realistic approach, it doesn’t seem right. To get a sense of the absurd. Although the line is very real, because the circle is particularly absurd". "This is another special China story, the story of Li Xuelian put North Korea and the United States are not appropriate, this is a very axis shift toward legal society in our thousands of years of human society in the story. You say this statement is not official legal society, so special Chinese story is not looking for Chinese format? In the Song Dynasty, there were many round paintings, especially in China. The ancient town of Li Xuelian was also a special landscape." "And the other is that I saw a special young director in Canada, Dolan, whose work" mommy "is a. I think I can not use the square, with a round bar! In fact, the circle with the previous shot.相关的主题文章: