Fanaticism has been over the threshold of investment to enhance the car electricity supplier how to

Investment frenzy has to enhance the threshold of electric cars to start the 4 round of financing, valuation of over 1 billion car network in August declared bankruptcy, "auto parts supplier first unit, three new board business world Zhuge E round of financing difficult, coupled with the car sharing network, easy car, car home business in the first half of the electricity supplier staff makes electric cars in the first half of the year fell into a slump and controversy. Some well-known U.S. dollar fund or the domestic fund does not look at the first line of the RMB fund car electricity supplier." An investment community told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter, car electricity supplier in this year by a certain impact and suffered a re examination of the capital. However, after a period of rectification, the electricity supplier in the second half of the car again active. As an important symbol of the divine excellent car (838006, OC) 10 billion into the automotive electricity supplier. October 17th, the first launch of the new car since the introduction of the first three new board program, the proposed financing of 10 billion yuan for all automotive electronic business platform, the sale of the car business. This will not only be the largest three new board Internet Co financing case, but also with the Hualong securities tied to become the largest three new board this year, the financing case. Automotive electricity supplier is still in the era of self entertainment, chairman and CEO Lu Zhengyao excellent Chinese car, said it would create a traditional 4S shop outside the system of parallel car sales platform. The specific operation is on the one hand, access to online flow; on the other hand, manufacturers and importers from 4S stores and other channels for large-scale purchase of car source, and the form of underwriting and distribution, terminal sales network through consumer stores nationwide offline to online diversion, comprehensive coverage of car sales in all aspects of the industry chain. This model is actually similar to drops travel, Uber and other electricity supplier model. For the burn of the car business, China excellent car knows the money just upfront. China excellent car side said that the overall investment in 2016 -2017 the main use of the funds raised in the future will be in accordance with the specific circumstances of future business development in the future, by way of inventory finance or its own funds to make up for. In the operation, the Chinese excellent car forecast in the next 2-3 years can be profitable. But there is no profit in the field of automotive electricity supplier companies. The excellent Chinese car such expectations, it will be a difficult thing. From the development stage, the domestic automotive electricity supplier is still in the collapse of the same time with the new generation of rapid elimination period". The failures and financing at the same time, there are still a lot of cars and electricity supplier established to attract investment this year, such as the parallel import car business selling cars, second-hand car business seeds second-hand car, second-hand car electricity supplier, the public network, Kanche people car car business platform B2B cheap car, small horse Car Buying and other projects electric cars this year announced investment. In addition, this year intends to establish a platform for electronic business is still increasing. In the first half of this year, there are a number of platforms, including the purchase of a car, a lot of cars, such as the car was announced on the line, the number of enterprises into a number of more than ten, more than a small team of start-up business platform for electronic warfare. Automotive electricity supplier is also expected to put forward a lot of future performance, such as car home claims in this year’s double eleven period, to complete the 70 thousand sales, an increase of more than 100%. ""相关的主题文章: