Fan Zhendong’s end of the game is a curse Malone Tokyo have his

Fan Zhendong’s end of the game is a curse Malone Tokyo have his day? Fan Zhendong finally in international competitions over a hot search Malone recently on micro-blog WeChat Jun successfully attracted attention, "the world’s first cute chubby". This hot search is the owner of Wuli Nanping team — chubby Fan Zhendong pet. Sturdy body, white skin and face a pollution-free smile, let the chubby Fan Zhendong at the end of the Chengdu open quickly captured a number of female fans hearts. Fan Zhendong green light (source: "table tennis world") Chengdu open, Fan Zhendong did not live up to everyone’s expectations, won his first open championship China beat Malone in the final. Although has won many times open champion, but the champion for it has a chubby "meaning – milepost" – this is the first time he beat Malone in the international competition, and ultimately win. In last year’s World Championships in Suzhou, aimed at winning big in the semi-final defeat to Malone, harvest a bronze medal. Stand in the third place on the podium he depressed, "like as a mere formality", according to his own words is "be playing silly". Although after the pingpong ultra league tournament wins over Xu Xin and Malone, but in two with open in the league, and the fat in the semi-final defeat to Xu Xin. In the league, to the international open but always lose, chubby heart is also very clear, can not take the League to judge the level of competition in the world. His head coach Wu Jingping once said, "only in the competition to win them one or two times, slowly can really break through." From the world to open, now Rooney finally have this "breakthrough" victory, also opened a good start for our Tokyo Olympic cycle. This year only 19 years old chubby Fan Zhendong in the game, not only eye-catching performance, he is the presence of hundred-percent Curve Wrecker athletes. During last year’s Table Tennis Super League, he is 18 years old and all age high school students like to participate in the examination. History, geography and political examination, the athletes of these three doors even qualified, and as long as the D standards, even through the adoption of two. As a result of the game in his body, he was only able to participate in the two test, so we must pass all qualified. But time is short, chubby only review is going to attend the exam day, he finally two families have taken a C pass. The gold medal coach Wu Jingping had imagine may come the "Fan Zhendong era", he said that Fan Zhendong had a point with the traditional sense of professional athletes is different, some of his own culture as the support, this is his young age can create a world one of the reasons. Also look forward to the game after more tempered after hot search on the label after become more powerful not only has "the world’s first chubby cute", but also "the world’s first power, perhaps there will be" small fat era ". Source: table tennis world相关的主题文章: