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Fan Rui new as the daughter of the king beautiful costumes popular entertainment Sohu fan Rui "the daughter of the king" costume Sohu entertainment news before the movie "the dream journey" in the adventures of 3 daughters in the town of Xiangshan official start, starring Fan Rui, Zhang Tianqi gathered in appearance. The film is the film series "dream swims on the west" of the third, the continuation of "dream swims on the west" of the first two innovation set and wonderful story, opening a daughter’s journey. "Journey to the west" series of works has been sought after by most people and love, the past and the journey to the West in the classic plot, "dream swims on the west" series in addition to pay tribute to the classic at the same time, more joined the young audience loved the crossing, youth, funny, sadomasochistic elements, when the monk met beautiful the daughter of the king, monk will humor, funny, even "move to heart", such a plot is bound to the audience do not like surprises. The king in her country played by actor Fan Rui, who starred in "fan Rui Huanzhugege" 3, "the scholars", "group", "case of six opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "And other well-known film and television works, and to consummate in place of acting known and loved by the audience, known as a new generation of" national strong woman". This is the second collaboration with Zhang Tianqi fan Rui, this fan Rui said, and the other has a lot of understanding. About whether there is pressure on the role of himself as the "daughter of the king," fan Rui said, "once" journey to the west "is love" the daughter of the king "of the character, when you really play the role, there are still some pressure, but I believe I will let the audience see a a daughter of the king is not the same"." Fan Rui also revealed that he plays "the daughter of the king" in the drama of the monk at first sight, using a variety of tricks to tease each other, though the monk also fell in love with yourself, but it is not a happy ending, for more details, fan Rui said to be the film quickly, to remind everyone to see it. In the photo, fan Rui very glamorous costumes, fan Rui excited response, you always love to do a costume drama, "although the costume makeup is quite troublesome, but I still enjoy playing costume drama." .相关的主题文章: