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Exposure of R will be big signings with Harvey over pay bargaining team to stay exposed bar Harvey and decimating the salary negotiation has been completed Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xie Zekai      ); after the FA Cup semi-final defeat to Guangzhou Hengda eliminated, Guangzhou R & f this season in the final task only 5 rounds. After the advance echelon successfully, R & F once in the league and FA Cup will have the opportunity to impact next season AFC Champions League qualification, but the last two League 1 draw 1 defeats, FA Cup exit, just hope soon disappear. But this season is not good in Fuli — as All is void in midstream league team in this season, decimating the hope that the next few years the team the rise of hope, the hope in the young players on the body. Yesterday’s pre match press conference, R & F coach Stojkovic said the game is very important, because the team wants to stay in the forefront of the league. Considering the main R & F on Wednesday ended with Hengda’s FA Cup game, plus Zhang Yaokun and Svensson injured, Xiao Zhiyin escape clauses cannot play, decimating the young players will probably have more chance to play. "According to the last game, I have 3 adjustments to the game. But they don’t send young players, they have to look at their performance." Stojkovic said before the game. R & F star Zahavi recently transfer rumours, the game has also been affected, the club is over and over the rumor. Yesterday’s pre match press conference, Stojkovic also admitted that the state of the impact of the transfer of Harvey’s rumors. "All the rumors have a negative effect on him. Two days ago, I talked to him a little, he also admitted that the current state of the outside world can not expect him, he has not been able to play their own level. But I believe Harvey will play his game and help the team win." Stojkovic said. Fuli promised to continue to strengthen the squad yesterday, decimating the club third times through the media rumor. It is understood that in the FA Cup tie with Harvey out, Fuli Club vice chairman Huang Shenghua had a conversation with Harvey, expressing his thoughts in conversation: he did not want to leave R & F, just want to lead the team to do better, but not satisfied with the results in the league. His hope that the rest of the team in training more hunger and desire. Huang Shenghua said: "you may see is with Harvey complaining, I see is his lofty ideals and high aspirations, his sense of responsibility, his unyielding. He is not only to make money, but hope to do something in the R & F, but he was more direct expression." The top bodied has clarified the team next plans to tie Harvey, decimating to him and several other key players in the winter transfer window as the core, continue to strengthen the squad, strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in the next season. Visible Zahavi and R & F’s salary negotiations should have been the end of the basic, after the rise of the bundle will continue to increase the effectiveness of decimating Harvey. In order to perform to tie Harvey’s commitment to the next R & F in the winter market is likely to have a big signings. At present, decimating the array has a number of domestic players because the contract to.相关的主题文章: