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Exclusive: Britain and Russia’s largest airshow Chinese history of Russian Military Channel – the most thrilling performance Sohu as Li Daguang. November 1, 2016 – 6, Eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai City, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participating, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of more than and 900 active duty weaponry will be unveiled. Sohu military on the majority of users are most concerned about the development of domestic weapons and equipment, inviting many military experts to interpret for friends. Moderator: Hello everyone, welcome to watch the Sohu military observers. The Zhuhai airshow opening soon, the Zhuhai airshow has invited nearly one hundred foreign delegations, including Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions and countries, Russia’s warriors Yu Yan debut China more mixed formation is worth looking forward to, how national exhibitors, and China’s prospects for cooperation and how is the focus of these. Is the focus, was invited to the National Defense University professor Li Daguang a "Sohu" to military observers today, netizens read international airshow in Zhuhai, Li hello. Li Daguang: Hello everyone! Moderator: the Zhuhai airshow can be said to be "Beida", hundreds of military and trade delegation including the air force commander, commander of the army, including Secretary of defense have participated, will visit the site, greatly increased the Zhuhai airshow business atmosphere, this is also not the Pearl exhibition HNA’s influence in the international arena to further enhance the? Li Daguang: Yes, the Zhuhai airshow invited so many foreign military delegations and some military figures, fully shows that the Zhuhai airshow reputation and international influence is very big, it is the first Zhuhai airshow airshow held in 1996, is now 11, full name Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, so that the aerospace exhibition, it is the position of the international exposition, 96 years to the present 20 years, the 20 years held every two years, the annual November meeting, held in the form of real exhibition, trade fairs, academic exchanges, and flight performance. After so many years of development, has now become the international exhibition of advanced technology on behalf of the international aerospace and the level of a commercial, professional and ornamental in one, especially this year, and in front of the largest, compared with the largest area, can predict the Zhuhai airshow is certainly full of sound and colour, is worth looking forward to. Moderator: airshow held the exhibition scale, type, type and quantity can reflect the Zhuhai airshow is increasingly large-scale and integrated, so in terms of professional activities, in addition to holding the eighth Chinese International Aerospace Forum, SASTIND will hang day 60 anniversary of a series of theme activities into the air, the BRIC meeting will be organized five space agencies, which have what effect to promote the internationalization of our Zhuhai air show? Li Daguang: in addition to the development of the depth and breadth of the professional and technical aspects of the Zhuhai air show this year, has added a new color and new elements, such as outside the routine eighth summit this year, according to Chinese.相关的主题文章: