Europe intends to build ultra fast charging station network output power of 350 kWh htc802w

Europe intends to build a super fast charging station network output power of 350 kwh according to the autoevolution report, the EU plans to announce a super fast charging network plan, the plan will be built to connect the 25 charging stations charging network in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, etc.. This plan will be completed in 2018, is expected to cost 13 million euros, of which half of the EU funded. The charging plan of the charging station output power can be up to 350 kwh, Tesla super charging pile is more than 2 times the power, is currently the majority of European standard charging pile power more than 7 times. Of course, there is no charge pile can output great power, Tesla just do a power output of 120 kwh, but does not rule out future Audi, BMW is keen on these super fast charging program brand will find a way to provide power output. VW and Porsche also say they can now fill the battery in an electric car in 15 minutes, which means it is no longer a matter of time consuming to drive an electric vehicle for long trips. Although the distance will be super fast charging stations throughout the continent is still far, but this plan also marks the development of automobile and power companies have never before embarking on common cooperation to promote the electric vehicle.相关的主题文章: