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Enrique: Barcelona leading edge is not safe first? You want Enrique to participate in the conference sina sports La Liga twenty-sixth round, Barcelona will face Seville in the home court. In the pre match press conference, Barcelona coach Enrique said, the league is not over, if you think the team had already secured champions now, that is obviously wrong. Enrique said, "if it’s because of the lead now, it’s obviously wrong to think that the champions have got it. As an occupation player, you can’t be too quick to think they have won the championship, or any negligence will let the team in a very dangerous situation. At present, the top three teams have a chance to win the championship, the advantage is not so large, we will treat each next game seriously, for every game got three points, until we finally won the championship." For the next match against Seville, Enrique said: "Seville is currently in the league standings in the leading position of the group, from the beginning of the first half of the season, they have made great progress in their performance in Europe is also very good at present. They have excellent coaches and great players, and it’s a tough game to deal with." On the team’s starting lineup, Enrique fight again Taijiquan: "everyone wants to play every game, but I can only send 11 people to play, this means that 7 people will be sitting on the bench, not to mention those not in the squad of players." The recovery of rafinha, Enrique said: "he has no problem, but the specific situation we need to follow the doctor’s arrangement. Hopefully, he will return to the team as soon as possible and help the team at the end of the season." For some players in the contract extension, Enrique said: "Neymar is one of the best players in the world, I hope he can stay in Barcelona.". And Busquets is an indispensable player for the team, and I think he will spend his entire career in barcelona." A reporter asked which team he hoped to win the Madrid Derby, Enrique replied: "the results of the competition, I have no what special expect, who wins is possible. Of course, the team that performs better wins the final victory." (Marco)

恩里克:巴萨领先优势不大 稳拿冠军?你想错了 恩里克参加发布会   新浪体育讯  西甲第26轮,巴塞罗那将在主场迎战塞维利亚。在赛前的新闻发布会上,巴萨主帅恩里克表示,西甲联赛还没有结束,如果现在就认为球队已经稳获冠军的话,那显然是错误的。   恩里克说道:“如果因为现在的领先优势,就认为联赛冠军已经到手的话,那显然是非常错误的。作为一名职业球员,你不能过早的认为自己已经夺得了冠军,否则任何的疏忽大意都会让球队处于非常危险的境地。目前积分榜前三的球队都有机会获得冠军,我们的领先优势远没有那么大,我们会认真对待接下来的每一场比赛,争取每场比赛都拿到三分,直到我们最后捧起冠军奖杯。”   对于接下来的对手塞维利亚,恩里克表示:“塞维利亚目前在西甲积分榜中也处于领先集团的位置,从上半赛季开始,他们就取得了很大的进步,目前他们在欧洲赛场上的表现也很好。他们有着出色的教练和出色的球员,是一个非常难对付的对手。”   关于球队的首发阵容,恩里克再次打起来太极拳:“每个人都想上场比赛,但是每场比赛我只能派11人上场,这就意味着有7人将会坐在板凳席上,更不用说那些不能进入比赛大名单的球员了。”   有关拉菲尼亚的恢复情况,恩里克说道:“他身体已经没有问题了,但是具体情况我们还要听从医生的安排。希望他能尽快回归球队,能在赛季末帮助球队。”   对于队内某些球员的续约情况,恩里克表示:“内马尔是世界上最好的球员之一,我希望他能够待在巴萨。而布斯克茨,对球队来说也是不可或缺的球员,我认为他会在巴萨度过他的整个职业生涯。”   有记者问到他希望哪支球队能在马德里德比中获胜时,恩里克回答:“对于比赛结果,我没有什么特别的期待吧,谁获胜都是有可能的。当然,表现更好的那支球队会获得最后的胜利。”   (Marco)相关的主题文章: