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E-Books Ebook readers are a marvel of modern technology. They’ve taken society by storm, with no sign of slowing down. You see them everywhere. Sunbathers on the beach with a cold drink, daily .muters whiling away the morning ride on subways and trains, and college students on a flight home during semester breaks. In such a short span of time, ebook readers have integrated well with the demands of informed consumers. Though the success of ebook readers is obviously apparent, traditional paperbound books still hold their place, albeit a slowly diminishing one. What follows is a classic .parison between traditional books and ebook readers. Small Form Factor Ebook readers are greatly advantageous because of their .pact form factor. The average book measures in range from an inch thick to three inch phone book equivalents. With electronic readers, the thickness diminishes significantly, fitting into larger than average pockets or medium-sized handbags. They’re not bulky to haul around from day to day, and they won’t take up room in a backpack during an extended trip. Your hand will also thank you for using ebook readers. Ever tried to hold the pages of Harry Potter for an inordinate amount of time? Sooner or later, you’d end up placing it on a table or on the floor, or on your bed, to allow the blood to return and flow where it needed to go. Ebook readers are easier to hold, as they are similar to grasping a clipboard. Effortless indeed. Access to Entire Libraries Whatever subject you’re interested in, there’s a book in electronic format you could read to fulfill your quest for knowledge. With access to vast online libraries, you have the ability to acquire virtually any book at a moment’s notice. You could literally take your library with you, instead of having to pick and choose due to size and weight limitations. Books Cost Less Books have the advantage over ebook readers in that they cost much less. People typically purchase them on sale, or in the discount bin at a secondhand store. Should you forget your book on a plane, after disembarking at your destination, you won’t feel as bad. No Power Needed Classic books need no batteries, for they simply don’t consume energy. There are no serpentine power cords to contend with, no adapters needed if you’re traveling to different countries, and no worries about dealing with different voltages around the world. Durability Classic paper books are able to withstand greater amounts of abuse, be it from the weather or the readers themselves. Have you ever tossed one of your books clear across the room into your gym bag? Or left your book in the rain after running inside from a sudden summer storm? Once dried out, it usually was as good as new, despite its now wrinkled appearance. Ebook readers are the clear winners when it .es to modern convenience in today’s technological society. This is especially so given the demands of doing more with less. There is just no way around their size and weight advantages, including the sheer numbers of books you can carry around with ease! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: