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Duthel Te responded: "dialogue with God" pure laughing fool letter – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the president of Philippines Duthel Te. Global network reported: Philippines’s president Duthel Te said on the evening of 4 to attend the Philippine Bar Association Regional Conference in Manila Hotel, God spoke to him on the plane that is just a joke, "fool" will believe. Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoted Duthel Te as saying: "I said, I look to the sky, when everyone on the plane in the bed, someone whispered something to me, call me don’t swear, or let me crash." He said, "some morons for Gospel truth". Late on the night of October 27th, the end of the trip back to Davao City, Walter, he in the arrival press conference to the media about the "dialogue with God" experience. Since then, Duthel Te has done a swearing match speech, but less than a week he broke the curse, america. Has the qualification as a lawyer Duthel Te in the evening of 4 activities said, "I have no lawyers are among the best in the examination, but I am not so stupid, I love the most in Davao say no, you actually have the letter". Reported that before the election the president of Philippines mayor Walter, for many years in the southern city of davao. The presidential palace in Philippines on the 5 day also issued a statement that the Philippine media practitioners to Davao City counterparts to ask, "when the president was joking about, when is careful to tell the facts, to distinguish the joke with the facts."相关的主题文章: