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During a three Guan generals, why in the temple when law enforcement? I wonder, not a three period of Guan Yu is very famous generals, why will appear in the temple? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) why Li Guan as the God of wealth, in fact, there is another layer of meaning, is the supervision. (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Guan Yu’s reputation, loyalty, justice, morality, do you want to eat to my heart, you really worship Guan gong. (source: Phoenix Buddhism) Guan Yu the thousands of years by Chinese respect moral incarnation incarnation, sangharama Bodhisattva, and Skanda with Buddhist dharma, and said the two major Buddhist temple deities, sangharama Bodhisattva Guan as the right Dharma, Skanda left law enforcement. Listen to the two monks to tell you how to become a Buddhist dharma Guan Yu? Especially zhidong1: two and Shang Qiang Qiang Qiang, today we are going to talk about the topic from the one I doubt is, I sometimes go to the temple will find, see the statue of Guan Yu, I wonder, not a three period of Guan Yu is very famous generals, why will appear in the temple? India: he can master this there is a story of the future, Guan Yu was killed, his soul is not scattered, because the head separated, he would find his head, this day is a master of a Zen master, wise Jackson sat there and saw the emergence of a southern sky cloud, a cloud riding a mare, Green Dragon Saber is without a head, walked to say my head where, where is my head. You Zhidong: good picture sense. India can master: at that time, the wise master will look up, but he said not long public cloud, Guan Yu heard someone called him, said the cloud is long, Guan Yu under the cloud, and then to the wise master before he said, what are you doing, I’m looking for my head, he said you said that in change, then you win glory in battle, Zhu Yanliang cut that Wen Chou, their heads were to find you, how could you do it, ah, a word on the current return of Guan Yu, enlightenment, he said that I should do please master pointing. He said you not as good to me as Buddhism, Buddhist dharma. So in the front seat of Guan Yu Jackson had converted to Sambo, what he do, specially protected sangharama, temple is the temple, the temple guardian. Then in the temple inside the sangharama Bodhisattva has a lot of, we often referred to the eighteen temple, eighteen temple is refers to these to build a temple or monastery, such as the beginning of the tree only to the lonely elderly, so are the sangharama later, Guan Yu is, so behind the evolution, gradually became the Buddhist Dharma protectors. Ormuzd. You Zhidong: itself to sin, feel build too many sins, then become law. He is now a very important law is? In the temple. India can master: it can be said that all the world inside the jungle, as long as there is a temple where all Garan temple, and the statue is the main temple temple like Guan Yu, qie. For example, we enter the gate, Shanmen, King Hall Shanmen, king hall, inside and around the sides, in general is set up on the Buddha Chuishou Garan temple, Buddhist temple is led by Guan yu. Then the people also have to regard him as the God of wealth, wealth is called wu. You Zhidong: right.相关的主题文章: